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Why Is Japanese Cuisine So Popular?

Did you know that about 60% of animated shows are produced in Japan? This makes it the leading country for animated television.

Whether or not you enjoy animated shows, you might be considering a trip to Japan. As you explore the country, you’ll need to think about the food available.

How does Japanese cuisine taste and why is it so popular? Read this guide on Japanese cuisine and see why it’s so popular today!

When looking into Japan travel ideas, you might discover that Japanese food tends to be noodle or rice-based. Many people tend to like sushi as well instead of the traditional temaki sushi or nigiri.

Many love Japanese heritage and culture as well which leads to a love for their food. From Hello Kitty to Anime, there’s much to love about Japan’s culture.

Health Benefits

Japanese recipes tend to be healthy since they’re heavy on seafood and vegetables. With restrictions in place, many were choosing to eat healthier and chose Japanese take-out. Behind Chinese and Italian food, it’s one of the most favorite International foods out there.

Sushi is one of the most popular dishes that you can choose from. Don’t forget about Soba and Udon noodles as well.

For dessert, try mochi. They’re made of rice flour and sticky rice that is stuffed with sweet bean paste. Sometimes, they’re coated with powered or sesame green tea.

Don’t forget to add your favorite green tea or matcha. For those looking for an alcoholic beverage, try sake. This is the national Japanese rice wine.

Yakitori is a popular Japanese chicken skewer dish. You can find it in street stalls, at festivals, or in bars. From beef and pork to chicken, you have options.

If you’re interested in grilled skewers, choose Kushiyaki. Enjoy vegetable mushrooms, tofu, seeds, cheese, and peppers.

Another popular option is the Japanese Barbecue (Yakiniku). The meats are cut thin and cooked within a few minutes. They can also be dipped into a sauce.

Japanese BBQ usually has a setting similar to Brazilian Steakhouses, but for less. Many of the Japanese will also grill the meat themselves with a grill on their table.

What’s So Special About Japanese Food?

Since there are thousands of items to choose from, it makes Japanese food unique and delicious. You can even choose from fermented foods as well such as soy sauce, natto, and miso.

Their food also uses seasonal produce whenever possible. Much of their food is part of their unique heritage.

After exploring this guide, you should have a better understanding of why Japanese cuisine is so popular. Take your time deciding what foods to try the next time you’re in Japan or at a Japanese restaurant! Don’t forget to try their unique and seasonal dishes too.

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