Which current player will be the best manager; Hazard, Messi or Ronaldo? Read our review

Messi or Ronaldo. The argument is never ending now as definite answers backed by statistics can’t be found regarding who makes the best manager after his football playing career. With that said, The News God has combined inept figures that shows who will be a better manager.

Christiano Ronaldo. There is very little dispute over the fact that of late, Ronaldo even at his age at Juventus, is being compared to someone who has been playing the game for 33 years, is younger more influential and creative, but just always is compared. Have you noticed his new advanced position, the pseudo winger/striker. Very few dribbles, but knows that if he pushes for dribbling and solo play, he cannot score many goals which is all the game is considered to be about (strong opposition). In short he knows he is of age can’t move fast like he used to but uses his brain and common, has improved it, knows that what he should do for better results and lesser work rate, and does it. This is a carer defining change or he would just be another Di maria.

A prospective manager should think beyond the box, direct his team mates, give them momentum and push them up which is exactly what Ronaldo does. Combines all such qualities like leadership, determination, handwork and team work and the cheeky tactics, win the game and there you go.

Lets go back to history, While Messi retired just after missing a penalty, Ronaldo wouldn’t give up easily. it shows that it is hard for Messi to cope with pressure.

Well we have already seen in Euro Cup when the Cristiano Ronaldo was injured in the final against France but couldnt sit, but instead was standing alongside the coach and was giving instructions. That’s an exhibition of a great potential manager. Messi or Ronaldo.