Where to Find Bollywood-Inspired Media Outside of the Industry Itself

Where to Find Bollywood-Inspired Media Outside of the Industry Itself

It’s no secret that Bollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world. As per the Economic Times, the sector was forecast to reach a market worth of $3.7 billion by 2020. To achieve that, the market had to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.5 percent each year. Because of the industry’s popularity, Bollywood-inspired content has since emerged in various entertainment streams outside of movies. So, here are several places where you can find Bollywood-inspired content.

Television Shows

Within the 21st century, Bollywood creations remain appealing among India’s film-going audiences. The Indian Hindu-language movie industry is famous for its dance routines, perfectly crafted storylines, and world-renowned film stars. However, small-screen opportunities have recently piqued the interest of India’s most famous actors and actresses.

Few can argue that Bollywood’s relationship with television isn’t growing, and Salman Khan’s career reflects that. After playing leading roles in Dabangg, Ek Tha Tiger, and Ready during the early-2010s, the 55-year-old established himself as a Bollywood star. Alongside those successful films, he also began hosting Bigg Boss in 2010. He’s since presented the reality show across two decades and consecutive seasons.

Video Games

Away from the multi-billion-dollar film industry, Indian film fans can also immerse themselves in Bollywood-inspired content in the video game sector. In recent times, several different big-screen creations have crossed over into the gaming world, including Brothers. The film was released in 2015 and followed two brothers in their pursuit of mixed martial arts greatness. The mobile game, titled Brothers: Clash of Fighters, hit the market before the movie, and it allows players to use either David or Monty en route to becoming the Right 2 Fight Champion, as per APKPure.

Aside from the fight-themed title, Singham Returns: Takedown is another Bollywood-inspired video game. Unveiled as the official game for the 2014 title, Singham Returns, the creation is available on Android and iOS smartphones. With an online feature, users can play with their friends and enjoy Burnout-like driving fun.

Indian Culture’s Influence on Western Entertainment

While Bollywood continues to leave its marks on various entertainment streams, the industry’s success is something of a microcosm of broader Indian culture. In modern-day society, the South Asian country has long influenced Western entertainment, as showcased by ever-changing movie interests in Europe and beyond. Murthy reports that The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel film featured Bollywood-inspired themes. The movie played a pivotal role in Western audiences embracing the infectious appeal of India’s uplifting film culture.

This isn’t only true of India, but also Asian and Chinese media. Away from movies, television, and traditional gaming, the region influences developments within the ever-growing online casino industry. At Mr Green, an award-winning betting platform, players can immerse themselves in an array of different slot games. Aside from Starburst, which is a fast-paced, five-reel title, plenty of available games utilize Chinese tropes, including Panda Pow and Sakura Fortune.

Bollywood-Inspired Creations are Coming to the Fore

As evident from the above, Bollywood is no longer limited to just the big screens. Nowadays, Indian film fans can enjoy light-hearted, uplifting local themes in a whole host of different entertainment streams. There’s something for everyone, and that variation will play a leading role in further expanding Indian culture throughout the Western world over the coming years.