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When to Consider a Storage Unit for Moving or Renovations

For homeowners in the United States, relocating into a new home or beginning a large-scale remodeling project both come with long lists of tasks. The largest concern, however, may be the question of storage space. In the case of a homeowner moving their family into a new place, organizing and packing can be tricky enough even without the stresses associated with finances and “moving day” logistics. Likewise, homeowners who are planning such ambitious home improvement projects as a new kitchen or bathroom remodel also have to plan ahead for floor space and securing their belongings throughout the construction. With that in mind, there’s one tried and true solution for both scenarios: an offsite storage unit. Here, we will look at when you should consider a storage unit for moving or conducting home renovations, as well as the pros and cons of retaining the storage unit once the job is done.

Extra Storage for a Home Remodel

Home Remodel

Many homeowners opt to conduct ambitious home improvement projects at some point. Whether for the sheer enjoyment of installing the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, or hoping to increase the home’s property value, these types of remodels can be good investments. That said, a lot of planning goes into the process.

As an example, consider a residential bathroom remodel. A homeowner’s first order of business is to research and select a reputable bath remodel company whose lead contractor has years of experience in the field. If your remodeling project includes a new shower, bathtub, or any form of work on the existing tub or tile work along the floor or vanity and its faucet and fixtures, you’ll need additional space for the work crew and their materials. Organizing the existing bathroom should begin far in advance, and you’ll need to move all your belongings to another area. In some instances, homeowners don’t have enough basement space or an attic for such a temporary scenario. That’s when a storage unit can be an incredibly beneficial investment.

For any family, having the convenience of a nearby storage unit for additional space can help during such a home improvement scenario, potential move. Depending upon the size of your home, storage space may be a valuable asset. A perfect solution for your holiday decorations, old clothing ready for donation, or even yard tools required only during certain parts of the year, is a storage unit. That is why it is necessary to create your luxurious bathroom retreat today with a bathroom remodel by KBF Design Gallery in Orlando.

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Extra Space During a Move

The pros and cons of having extra storage space go far beyond a remodeling project. In fact, if a homeowner is looking to put their place on the market, or have already sold their home, a storage unit is a great way to clear out the rooms. For example, during the earliest stages of your move, you might plan an open house for potential buyers. By presenting your house to the public, moving personal belongings to a storage unit can guarantee their security and give your house the appearance of a “model home.” This allows potential buyers to properly visualize their own life within those rooms.

When it comes to moving day, storage units can be the most important investment you make. If you’ve sold your home and have a good amount of time for you and your family to prepare, consider obtaining one or more storage options at a nearby storage location. As a short term solution, consider how you’ll be able to organize and pack all your many belongings at a more leisurely pace. You can then bring those boxes to your family’s storage unit one-by-one. As the time for moving into your new home approaches, you can dip in and out of the unit for any needed items already packed. However, if you’ve been dropping off your packed items over time, you won’t even need a moving van when the big day arrives! The convenience of the storage facility has many functions, whether you’re in temporary housing or in the process of relocating to a new home. 

Extra Space for Apartment Dwellers

The benefits of having additional space at a storage facility isn’t just for homeowners. Many people in the United States live in apartments and need extra space for a number of reasons. The popularity of furnished apartments is on the rise, providing the comfort and furnishings built into the new place. However, even those who find a great furnished apartment for rent may need more room to store the personal belongings they’ll be adding to the apartment.

For example, in an unfurnished apartment, tenants need their own bed, sofa, linens, and other accessories in order to furnish the living space. In a furnished apartment, however, these are all elements factored into the monthly rent. If that’s the case, what is a new tenant to do with their existing furniture and personal items? Here, a landlord can help ease the hassle by recommending a nearby storage facility to the renter for this type of function. In fact, many storage facilities offer discounts for such long-term commitment applicants, making it both convenient and cost-efficient for the apartment renter.