When Does a Pool Need Remodeling?

When Does a Pool Need Remodeling?

A backyard oasis is indeed a glimmering pearl that enhances the beauty and the liveliness of your outdoor living space. But to keep it that way— glamorous and functioning—, proper remodeling is needed after some time. Now, the ultimate question is; when should you remodel your precious swimming pool?

Over time, the structure starts to manifest signs, exhibiting that your pool needs immediate help. These signs may appear in the form of flaking off the plaster, clogged filter, or even structural leakage. We’ve noted down a bunch of commonly observed problems, which when they appear means that you need pool remodeling. So, here are those pointers:

1. Fractured Walls

We use a myriad of strong materials for our in-ground pools, however, sooner or later the structure deteriorates anyway, depending on the frequency of use and other physical factors. As a result, the walls may fracture, causing the structure to weaken to the point of leakage.

If left ignored, the damage can spread and may affect the pool’s functionality and even other components. Therefore, as soon as you come across noticeable fractures in the walls, call industry experts to run a proper inspection. They will let you know when a proper pool remodeling is required or what you can do to slow down the deterioration.

2. Other Aging Effects

Fractures aren’t the only aging effect you might face as there are a lot of things that can go wrong over time — discoloration, deterioration of deck, broken parts and accessories, and many more. It simply means that your swimming pool has lived its life, and it is time to remodel it.

Often, people try to tackle each problem separately, which ends up as a pretty expensive deal. That is why we recommend getting full-package pool remodeling to get rid of all the problems in a single go. Not only does it save time, but also the cost of separate solutions.

3. Plaster Deterioration

Continuous and heavy use puts a huge toll on the pool surface — not to mention, the environmental factors such as scorching sun radiation, and fluctuating chemistry of the pool also play a major role here. Consequently, the plaster chips off in the form of white or greyish flakes that might resemble debris, dust, or even bird feces, at the first glance. No wonder it is very challenging to identify the surface degeneration during its initial stages.

Therefore, you should keep your eyes wide open for something unusual that has been frequently appearing in the water. It is a clear indication that your swimming pool needs to be renovated or resurfaced as soon as possible. Any delay would only worsen the situation, causing cracks to appear.

4. Persistent Leakage

When ignored, cracks turn into deep breaches and slits that allow the water through, causing leakage. The continuous flow of water only causes more damage to the structure. Filling them up is only a temporary solution, especially if the fractures have penetrated deep within the pool’s body. It will only be a matter of time when more leaks will appear, leading to irreparable damage. This is where you should reach out to a professional pool remodeling company.


5. Compromised Pool Safety

During the installation or the last renovation, you might have put some safety features to make the pool safe — fence, stairs, ropes, or other accessories. The older they get, the lower their efficiency becomes, making the pool a relatively dangerous place, especially if there are children around.

If you notice anything unusual regarding these features, you should get them reinstalled right away to preserve the overall safety of the structure. Also, it would be best to install some latest accessories to enhance the protection.

6. Discoloration

Nothing destroys your pool appearance more than discoloration, which is a common problem that pool-owners face. One of the major depigmentation-causing problems is high-intensity sun radiation. When the plaster temperature rises, the surface is not only damaged but also gets burnt. Not to forget, chemical reactions with the pool chemicals can also affect the appearance of the surface greatly. Agreeably, the problem wrecks the beauty of the swimming pool, making it less attractive for the users.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to swim in a stained and discolored pool, which looks unwelcoming. So, it is a clear indication that your pool is asking for renovation.

7. Frequent Equipment Malfunction

If the pool equipment — filters, pumps, and pipe systems — is malfunctioning frequently, it probably means that problem lies somewhere else. This is something, not every homeowner can examine on his own, so calling the professionals would be the right decision. They can inspect everything from the filter to the underground system to check the root of the issue. Sometimes, it is necessary that you should completely replace the system to maintain the overall efficiency. Plus, pool remodeling gives you an opportunity to install state-of-the-art equipment to maximize the system’s effectiveness.

8. Outdated Looks

Even if your pool is working absolutely fine, but possesses old-school looks, you are not using the structure to its fullest. Amidst the modern pool trends, you can find tons of mind-boggling ideas that can change your pool’s vibe completely — from outdated and rusty to elegant and welcoming. Who wouldn’t want that? However, it does cost an exorbitant price to get the pool remodeled, especially if you want to add extra decorative features, but it is totally worth it. If you can afford it, then there is no reason that you shouldn’t go for pool remodeling to give your backyard a fresh and attractive appearance.

9. Scarce Energy Efficiency

With the advancement in modern technology, everything around us has become energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Not only does it help you minimize the running expenses of your pool, but also makes the environment safer. If your swimming pool was built ages ago, then it is probably not as energy-efficient as the modern pool today.

Therefore, you should install energy-efficient components in your pool to help you lower the bills and help the environment.  It would be a win-win situation.