What would be the pass mark for the PMP exam?

What would be the pass mark for the PMP exam?

If you are looking forward to becoming PMP certified, you are going to require appearing for the PMP certification exam. This exam is accompanied by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMP Exam would be consisting of 180 questions.

There would be about 230 minutes for completing the exam. The PMP Exam Questions would be a amalgamation of the multiple-choice, matching, hotspot, multiple responses, as well as limited fill-in-the-blank types of questions. The main purpose of PMI for including these questions in the PMP exam would be to monitor the performance of these questions as well as to authenticate them for inclusion in the future exam database. Do check out the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps to score more in the PMP Exam[ find them HERE ].

What is the Pass Mark PMP Exam?

There is a common belief amongst the aspirants that 61% is considered to be the PMP passing score, however, it isn’t an official score that would be announced by PMI. In actuality, there would be no fixed PMP score for passing. The fact is that no two PMP candidates would be getting the same set of questions. Therefore the passing score is going to be varied from time to time.

Moreover, it is also going to be depending upon the difficulty level of the question you are going to get in the PMP exam. Besides, each question doesn’t have equal weightage. If you are lucky enough for obtaining the set of tranquil questions in the PMP exam then the PMP passing score is going to be higher in your case as would have associated to the PMP aspirant who is going to get comparatively more challenging questions. As a result, it would be becoming even more inconclusive for determining how much PMP aspirants are going to require scoring for clearing the exam.

The best rule which is going to imply here is that not worry about the PMP passing score. We would be recommending the PMP aspirants for study well as well as practice multiple mock exams and questions from diverse sources. You must also try to achieve 75% or more in your practice exams consistently so as to boost your confidence and ensure that you pass the PMP exam confidently.

What was the past rate before?

From past times till 2005, PMI has fixed the passing score for PMP Exam as 68.5%. This means PMP candidates are required to correctly answer 137 questions out of 200 questions. After some time, PMI would have radically augmented the PMP passing score by about 80.6%, meaning that you require scoring 141 out of 175 questions correctly. Further, then PMI would have observed that there would be a reduction in the number of candidates at this score significantly. Then in 2 months, they are going to be reviewed the passing score of PMP from 80.6% to 60.6% and it would be the last distributed PMP passing score. It would mean that PMP candidates are required to answer about 106 or more out of 175 questions correctly.

Later on in the year 2007, PMI would have changed the criteria for clearing the PMP exam. It would be beginning to declaring the results through proficiency level for each domain in test results rather than percentages in all domains respectively.

PMI adopted a more scientific approach by utilizing sound psychometric analysis for determining the passing score for PMP. PMI would be making the utilization of subject matter experts around the globe that cross-references the data of how candidates would have actually performed to ensure that level of difficulty on each PMP exam would be justified.

What is the PMP Exam Pass Rate Now?

In the contemporary state, when you perform for the PMP exam, test results will signify the proficiency level i.e. whether the PMP candidate is ‘Proficient’ or ‘Moderately Proficient’ or ‘Below Proficient’ in respectively of 5 domains. Now, you won’t get to know the numerical percentage you would have scored in all of the 5 domains.

PMP passing score is considered to be based on how you would be ranking in each of the five Process Groups, which would be compared to average global rankings of other exam takers as well as certified project management professionals.

It further is going to ensure that the exam would be done fairly to offer the project management statistics as well as overall industry knowledge assessments on a global scale. The PMP exam pass rate would be the total number of people who have cleared the exam divided by the total number of students who would have appeared for the same.

PMP Exam Pass Rate is equal to Number of People Passed the PMP Exam divided by the Number of People Sat for the PMP Exam

Of course, there would be certain statistics in PMI for these numbers however they wouldn’t be disclosing this information. There would be some guesses, interpreted numbers but no one actually knows the perfect PMP exam pass rate.

How Much You are Required to Make in PMP?

You might have heard the common PMP passing score that you are required to pass the exam. It might be about 60% or 70%. So, this belief is again incorrect.

In reality, there would be no fixed score that would be able to take to success. Each candidate are going to have a different passing score because:
• Each individual candidate would be obtaining a different set of questions. So, each question would possess a different passing score.
• The difficulty level is considered to be different for each candidate. The passing score would be also dependent on the difficulty level.
• Easier questions would be possessing a higher passing score, whereas difficult questions are going to possess a lower passing score.

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