What Should Be Done Immediately After a Slip And Fall Accident

What Should Be Done Immediately After a Slip And Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. In some cases, they result in minor injuries and inconvenience. However, in more extreme cases, slip and falls can actually result in severe injuries that can have life-long effects.

A trip to an emergency room caused by a slip and fall accident can cost around $30,000 to $40,000, depending on how severe the victim’s injuries are.

These accidents are often caused by a slippery common area, by a debris-strewn walkway, by a spilled liquid, or by the dangerous effects of inclement weather that aren’t adequately cleared away.

In some cases, the victim may be partially liable for the accident. Each slip and fall case is unique. Suppose you believe that the store owner or the establishment’s failure to keep you safe played a role in the accident. In that case, you can pursue a personal injury claim with the help of an experienced slip and fall accident attorney.

Here are some things that you should do after getting involved in a slip and fall accident:

Get your injuries treated

Regardless of the extent of your injuries, you must get them treated right away. Even if you’ve already received first-aid treatment from paramedics, it’s important that you still visit your doctor.

By doing this, they can check whether your injuries have any long-term implications. Your doctor can also give you proper medical documentation for your claim, and it can serve as proof that the slip and fall indeed caused your injuries.

Observe and document the area

What do you think triggered the slip and fall? Was it the management’s failure to put a “wet floor” sign? Was it the messy wires lying on the ground? Or was it the uneven, rough tiles?

After a slip and fall accident, you must try to pinpoint what you believe caused it. Try to take a picture of the scene and your injuries. At this stage, you can also try to interview bystanders who saw the fall and ask them for their statements. Make sure to get their names and contact details if you need to reach out to them later.

Report the accident

No matter where the accident occurred, whether it’s on a sidewalk, a mall, or a convenience store, you must report the accident immediately to the assigned authorities. Some examples of authorities you can talk to after a slip and fall are managers, store owners, and landlords.

You can ask the assigned authorities to create a written report of the accident and request your copy.

Keep the shoes and clothes you were wearing on the day of the accident.

Keep your clothes and your shoes in a safe place and leave them as they are. Try not to wash your clothes or shoes. These items can serve as evidence in case the liable party attempts to dispute your claim.

Defendants would often claim that the plaintiff’s shoes may have played a role in the incident in hopes that it would lower the settlement amount or free them from liability. You can dispute their claim by presenting the shoes you wore at the time of the accident. Bloodstains on clothes can also serve as proof of how severe the slip and fall were.

Do not give any recorded statements.

The defendant may attempt to take your words out of context if you agree to give them a recorded statement. They will ask you questions that will make you say things that can easily be manipulated into something else. It’s never a good idea to agree to give a recorded statement to either the insurance company or the defendant.

Never admit fault or apologize.

You might think that saying “sorry” verbally and unconsciously is nothing. However, apologizing can affect your claim, especially if the liable party heard it and took it seriously. They can claim that you admitted fault by apologizing for the accident. In the least, you may accept a lower settlement. In worse cases, you won’t be able to receive compensation at all just because you apologized by reflex.

Get help from an experienced slip and fall accident attorney.

If someone’s negligence caused you to be injured, recovering your damages is likely to play a critical role in your ability to achieve your fullest recovery. Don’t let your feelings of embarrassment keep you from seeking the compensation you need to travel the path toward complete recovery; consult with a California personal injury attorney.

You deserve to recover both economic and non-economic damages you’ve obtained from the accident. Your chances of winning a personal injury claim will significantly increase if you have an experienced slip and fall accident attorney by your side.

Attorneys can serve as helpful legal guides and advocates. They will vigorously fight for your rights and ensure that you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.