Most offices share spaces today; this sharing of office space between brands, companies and organisations has brought commercial parks to the forefront. Office buildings are rarely small today and include several amenities that office goers haven’t enjoyed before. Such large premises with varied facilities and amenities will require an all-in-one cleaning and maintenance crew. Each different part of a building will require specialised care. For example, pool maintenance requires a different set of tools and equipment than lawn maintenance. Hiring various maintenance contracts for one property can be cumbersome, which is why strata cleaning is the better option. Strata cleaning in Australia is an AUD 12 billion industry (though projections predict a rising trend). Strata management agencies also offer office cleaning in Sydney.

Strata property management is an industry dedicated to maintaining highrise buildings and other vast premises and their constituents. Strata management agencies house a large crew with diverse skills and experience, offering a wholesome package. Their crew can cover an entire premise and its various components.


Strata property management services offer a host of features in a single package. Their basic package covers the basic groundwork, properties with unique elements can ask for specialised features.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance takes different forms. Flowers, shrubs, trees and various other plants with a lawn, make a garden. Depending on the size, several different people will be required to work on the various elements in the garden. This crew should have an in-depth knowledge of plants, garden decor and lawn ornaments. Strata management agencies have a specialised crew who take care of an office’s garden.

Elevator Maintenance

Elevators also require specialised crews with elevator maintenance skills. They should know the in and out of an elevator and the different components. An elevator maintenance crew should also be at hand to repair any damage or replace parts as and when necessary.

Documents Maintenance

Strata agencies also maintain records of employees, visitors, contractors, and others entering and exiting the office premises. They also collect and record expenditure statements (related to their field), invoices, pamphlets, posters, etc. They are also in charge of disseminating general announcements throughout the premises and organising events within the premises.

Catering and Kitchen Maintenance

Depending on the food and beverages set up in each establishment, the strata services for office cleaning in Sydney differ. Offices with food parks usually have big brands, and they have their maintenance crew. But for offices with a regular cafeteria or canteen, strata services deploy a skilled crew to serve food and clean-up after.

General Housekeeping

Strata property management services offer a dedicated crew that cleans and sterilises the building thoroughly. This crew generally takes care of the working spaces, corridors, and other cleaning related activities.

Maintenance of Cleaning Equipment

Strata cleaning agencies are self-sufficient. They maintain the premises, and also the equipment required for its upkeep. Starting with cleaning tools, to desks, chairs, staff uniforms, etc., all components are taken care of by a strata cleaning agency.

Following Government Stipulations

The Australian Government has set standards for safety and hygiene within office premises. Strata agencies in Sydney ensure that their clients follow these standards. They ensure that all the equipment and tools they use, the procedures they follow, and their conduct are within government regulations.

Strata cleaning agencies are the allies of all large properties. Their various specialisations combined with precision allows for smooth functioning within an office. The commercial cleaning agency in Australia is projected to cost around 74 billion AUD by the end of 2022. Office cleaning in Sydney has become effortless thanks to strata cleaning agencies, owing to their rising popularity.