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What Is Tilt Tension On An Office Chair & What Is It For?

When buying an office chair, the two key considerations are comfort and efficiency. In order to achieve the two, the chair must have a well-designed tilt mechanism. In a simple definition, tilt tension is the chair’s resistance as you lean back. It should be strong enough to hold your weight when sitting and, more importantly, provide the needed comfort while working. Besides convenience, the adjustment knob should be reachable like in the APOL ergonomic office chairs

In addition to being a standard feature in modern office chairs, tilt tension has many uses and advantages. Some of them include: 

  • Tilt Tension Helps In Improving Productivity

One of the main reasons the tilt tension is available in most office chairs is its contribution to productivity. Unlike machines, our bodies rely on the working space to function optimally. So, if the chair is comfortable and has the perfect tilt tension, it is possible to improve productivity. Unlike other chair adjustments, the tilt has multiple settings for different activities. 

If you want to read a document, you can change the chair position to tilt backward. With that position, your back is relaxed, and you can stay in that position for long hours without getting tired or losing focus due to discomfort. Also, you can change the leaning position once you start getting tired, even without getting up from the chair. 

You can set the tilt to hold you in a comfortable position when working on other engaging tasks such as working on your computer, writing, or drawing. Unlike the other setting, the tilt setting leaves less room for wiggling, making it easier to concentrate more on the task at hand. Like in the other tilt mode, you can also change the setting once you start getting tired. 

Besides having different tilt tension settings for different tasks, the adjusting knob is reachable while sitting. Unlike other adjusting features, the reachability makes it easier to change the tension. Therefore, you do not need to stand up to change the sitting position, thus reducing disruptions. 

  • It Reduces The Chances Of Developing Back Issues

One of the disadvantages of working long hours is the possibility of developing back problems. While most back pains are temporary, you may develop complications that may need more medical attention after some years. Fortunately, the tilt tension in the office chair can reverse the pressure put on the back due to working for long hours. With the correct setting, it is possible to reduce orthopedic damages by more than a half. 

While setting up the tilt tension, you should pay attention to several factors. For example, you should alternate the tilt tension based on your current task. If you are reading a document, set it in a relaxed mode, and if you are working on your computer, set it to hold your back but at a comfortable angle. With the correct setting based on the task, you can work for hours without feeling a strain on your back. 

Besides setting the tilt tension based on your current project, you should ensure your current sitting position correlates with your height and weight to protect your back. While there is no formula for setting the tilt position based on height and weight, you should look for a sweet spot where your back feels relaxed. However, changing the tilt once in a while changing tasks is advisable for maximum comfort,  

  • Tilt Tension Helps In Personalizing The Office Chair And Prolongs Its Usability Time 

Even though office chairs are mass-produced, you can personalize them based on weight, height, and working preference. One of the best features to use while customizing your office chair is tilt tension. For example, we all have a favorite working position based on our arms’ length and back support.  

Besides the tilt tension helping you adjust the tilt to your liking, the feature helps to prolong the seat usability life. Unlike other features such as the choice of material, you have a chance at determining how long you will use the chair by choosing the right tilt tension. The best way to choose the right tilt tension is by ensuring you feel comfortable when sitting and leaning, regardless of your weight. If you feel like the chair’s tilt is overstretched, it is advisable to change it to the optimal angle.

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Even though the tilt tension is one of the most overlooked features when buying an office chair, it is the best option for personalizing the chair and improving productivity. Also, considering we spend more time working while seated, it is the best shot at reducing back-related problems as different settings reduce the back tension.