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What Is The Primary Cause Of Facial Acne: Know The Best Ways Of Treating Them

Acne is a condition that usually appears on a person’s face and is in the form of inflamed bumps on the skin. This acne can become severe and can easily spread on the whole face of an individual. A person suffering from acne could not physically exfoliate dead skin build-up very easily? Curing acne takes time, and a person has to keep patience for at least 6 to 8 months, depending on their acne conditions. Using products such as chemical exfoliators, retinol and sunscreens can largely help cure acne and acne marks.

When a person is suffering from acne, the most important thing is understanding skin type to cure it properly. As acne is usually caused by oily but dry skin, people can also suffer from hormonal acne conditions on the jawline and chest area. Therefore, understanding skin type can help choose products that would help cure acne and make skin clear. The most important thing is to stay away from steroids when curing acne; using a naturopath for acne could be the best solution as it is safe and natural.

Some Basic Causes Of Skin Acne

  • Dandruff And Itchy Scalp

Dandruff is a scalp condition that usually occurs due to over dried scalp. In dandruff, a person suffers from a scaly scalp, and little flakes develop on the scalp. Do dandruff particles fall off the head on the face and back and get trapped into the skin? These particles further create whiteheads and blackheads, which eventually form acne. This is the most basic thing that usually causes acne, and for solving this condition, it is essential to keep your scalp clean rather than your face.

  • Too Much Exposure To Sun

Exposing skin largely to send can also cause hyperpigmentation and acne. If a person is already suffering from acne, exposing skin to the sun can aggravate and enhance redness. Whether a person is suffering from acne or not, everybody must wear sunscreen before they leave their house. A person living in an extremely hot area such as Africa and Southern parts of India should use sunscreen above 30 SPF. Whereas the people living in cold areas can use a sunscreen of 15 to 20 SPF.

  • Oily Skin

If a person has oily skin, they are most prone to acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Usually, people get acne in their t zone which is considered the oiliest part of their face. Oily skin produces an excessive quantity of sebum, resulting in trapped oil on the skin and causes acne and pimples. Visiting acne treatment Melbourne could be the best place for people who are extremely fed up with their acne conditions. The easiest way of treating acne is to cleanse the face with salicylic acid and moisturize with a water-based moisturizer.

  • Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is the other main cause that causes acne conditions on the faces of men and women. Hormonal imbalance is very normal in today’s generation as their working schedule and lifestyle are not accurate. For example, staying up awake late at night and rising late in the morning causes the metabolism to slow down and thus causes gut problems. In addition, there are problems related to getting help then eventually result in hormonal imbalance, which causes skin and hair-related issues. Hormonal imbalance could easily be solved by changing lifestyle, or people can also try acne Melbourne treatment.

  • Not Taking Care Of Hygiene

If an individual does not take care of his or her hygiene, it could result in acne and redness. This condition could easily be solved by taking a bath daily and using an antiseptic lotion after bathing. Sometimes, not proper hygiene can result in excessively dry skin, which produces acne-like conditions but not actually acne. In such a condition, a person should consider visiting experts such as naturopaths to treat hormonal acne and other acne caused by an unclean body.

  • Teenage Acne

Any person in his or her teenage years would surely get acne, some get slight acne, but some get heavy acne.  This acne results from hormonal changes in the body and can last for 8 to 12 months. The period of this acne can vary for different individuals and if the acne lasts more than a year the person should consider visiting an expert. But if the condition of acne is extremely severe, they should contact a skin expert in the early stages only.

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How To Treat Acne By Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a natural treatment for curing acne, and this treatment is completely safe. Some of the essential ways considered in natural treatment and effective for treating acne are described below.

  • Detoxification Of Body

Detoxification is the best way of treating acne, and the many ways of detoxification which a person could go for treating acne. Detoxification is a natural process that includes detoxifying the body by taking some food meant for detoxifying. Detoxification usually consists of a whole day diet plan and helps in eliminating excess fat from the body. The excess sebum collected on the skin is also extracted from the body in the form of sweat. With the help of detoxification, the body’s metabolism could also be enhanced that ready results in increasing energy level.

  • Taking Therapies For Lowering Stress

Stress is another major cause that breaks down the collagen of the skin and results in enhanced sebum. As the collagen of the skin breaks down, the skin becomes thin and can prevent any disease or bacteria. As the stress level increases, the level of sebum also increases, turning the skin’s nature into oily. Oily skin then produces more acne on the t-zone, and the imbalanced hormones reduce acne on the mouth area and jawline. Therapies could be the best way to lower stress as a body massage can help manage stress and hormones effectively.


These are some of the essential ways a person can deal with hormonal acne and teenage acne. Unfortunately, acne is not a condition that could be treated easily on its own. Therefore it is important to visit our experts and change your lifestyle.