What is MUGA Fencing, and Why Do You Need One? Your Top Questions Answered

What is MUGA Fencing, and Why Do You Need One? Your Top Questions Answered

In the last few years, we’ve seen the popularity of multiple-use sports pitches continue to grow. Traditionally seen in schools and educational settings, these pitches, or MUGA, as they are also known, are now seen everywhere, particularly in community-based sports facilities. MUGA stands for multiple-use games area, and it is useful in that teams can play several sports there at one time. In addition, it is an economical option that increases the number of games and activities played in one area without increasing expense. But why else would it benefit you? In other words, why do you need one? Here, your top questions are answered.

What is it?

It is an area used for different sports, and it incorporates pitches, making it possible to play more than one kind of sport in that area. It features artificial grass and is fenced in, distinguishing it from other areas. Any sport you can think of can be played on a MUGA – be it football, basketball, netball, tennis, hockey, or rugby.

Another aspect to note is that it can accommodate both training and professional games. And you can have it designed for players of all ages – from children in primary school to kids in secondary and adults, including professionals.

Its main advantages

Sports ground fencing such as this comes with plenty of advantages. Since they have been primarily designed for use in schools, leisure and sports centres, council centres, and more, they can help utilise space and make use of limited space. It helps with budgeting since you don’t have to come up with the budget for two or three sports pitches – it is all in one area, which lets you maximise your budget. Finally, since it is all in one area, the maintenance expenses are not prohibitive. As if these advantages weren’t enough, let’s break it down further:

  • You can have different teams use a single area, which helps you save on space and lets you save on the cost of installation. MUGA fencing can be designed specifically for this purpose, which means the fencing is durable, able to withstand repetitive impact, and has maximum viewing, letting spectators and viewers see what’s going on in comfort and with ease.
  • Speaking of fencing for this purpose, the panels are exceedingly rigid and robust, which allows you to reduce your costs on maintenance.
  • It is easily maintained, and replacing damaged panels is easy as well.
  • There is also the advantage – and benefit – of improved performance and gameplay for all participants.
  • It comes with enhanced visibility for everyone, which translates into better security, especially if there are surveillance systems.

MUGA fencing can also come in different varieties, which means you can take your pick according to height and design. For instance, you can choose rebound fences built to withstand the strikes of balls against them. You could go for fencing depending on the sport, such as tennis fences, featuring slightly smaller apertures, so the ball doesn’t go through. It pays to talk to the experts about what you need to ensure that you have the proper fencing for your project.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com