What Is Microblading? Get Your Brows Done

Having nice, full brows is the trend right now, but unfortunately, not everyone has natural brows that look just the way they want. In fact, plenty of men and women use brow products specifically to make their brows more attractive.

If you fall into this category, you’ve probably heard of microblading before.

What is microblading? Does this process hurt, and is it effective? You definitely don’t want to get this treatment if it doesn’t seem worth your time.

Learn more about microblading and what you can expect from the entire process below.

Microblading is a form of tattooing that uses a manual or electric pen to deposit pigment into the skin. The procedure is typically done by an artist who specializes in this technique.

What Is Microblading Your Eyebrows?

Microblading is a technique used by estheticians to make your eyebrows appear fuller. A microblade tool applies color pigment to your skin that looks like your actual hair. This technique is similar to getting a tattoo, but on your eyebrows in the shape and size that you prefer.

For many people, this is a preferred way to get fuller eyebrows without having to use other products, like brow gel or brow liner, to achieve a similar effect.

Not only is microblading a good way to get the eyebrows that you want, but it also will last for several weeks after the process is done. It can take up to two or three hours to perfect your brows, however, so be sure to plan ahead on the day of your appointment.

After the first treatment, many people will choose to return to their esthetician to get the color touched up. Because the effect of microblading appears to be so natural, others won’t even be able to tell that it is not all genuinely part of your brow.

What Is Microshading vs Microblading?

Microshading is a similar technique to microblading, but still has subtle differences that should be noted. When someone has microshading done, they will still end up with fuller eyebrows, but the eyebrows will appear more powdered than natural.

The reason the eyebrows look more powdered is that small dots are used to achieve the look instead of lines that look like hair. It still looks natural, but it is a different process entirely.

Microshading will usually last for a year or more but still needs regular touch-ups just like microblading.

Does This Process Hurt?

Microblading is a relatively painless procedure, but understanding what actually happens to get the full effect at the end can help you feel more comfortable.

When you arrive for your appointment, the esthetician will talk with you about the best shape and pigment shade for your bone structure. They will draft brows on you so that you can see how the end result will look before they begin.

After this, lidocaine ointment will be applied to your brow so that you’ll be more comfortable during the whole process!

The microblade is used to apply the color pigment. It is made of a bunch of tiny needles and will be dipped into the color before being spread lightly along your brow in small strokes. These small strokes will look just like little pieces of your eyebrow hair as they scratch into your skin and implant the pigment below it.

After you have completely healed (which could be between four to six weeks), you’ll come back for a touch-up and the esthetician will add any strokes or definition as needed.

Very light scabbing is completely normal with microblading, but heavy scabbing is not normal. The results also will vary based on your skin type. For example, people with oily skin will hold onto the color pigment differently than those with normal or dry skin.

What Are the Benefits of Microblading?

One of the biggest benefits of microblading is that the results will last for at least a few years with regular touch-ups. Since it is basically a tattoo, your eyebrows will stay in the same shape and size for years without too much extra work.

The session does take a couple of hours to complete, but that’s nothing compared to the amount of time that will be saved from having to apply makeup to the brows every day to get your desired look. You will have a more natural and genuine appearance to your brows than you would if you just applied makeup as well.

Unlike many other ways to get fuller brows, you also won’t have to worry about your brows coming off in the water. Microblading is not impacted by things like taking a shower, going for a swim, or getting caught in the rain.

The results of microblading are immediate, so you don’t have to wait to see the effects.

Lastly, microblading has a scary-sounding name, but it is a practically painless technique. It is a safe procedure, and although allergic reactions can happen, they are extremely rare.

How Much Does Microblading Cost?

Microblading is not that expensive, but to be seen by a more experienced esthetician, you will pay a little bit more. Don’t get this procedure done by the cheapest person in your area! Instead, try to find someone that has expertise in this technique and has done the procedure several times in the past successfully on clients with different skin types.

The cost is going to vary based on the esthetician you choose, but also your location. If you live in a bigger city, such as New York City or Los Angeles, this technique may cost more than if you were in a rural area.

Furthermore, getting this done somewhere that offers many different pampering treatments, including a massage spa, hair salon, or another type of similar facility, will impact price. They will likely have pricing mapped out for you ahead of time so that you can know exactly what the cost will be.

Are You Interested in Getting Your Brows Done?

If you’re a fashionable person, you likely know that natural brows are in style. Most people are trying to get bolder brows to fit into the latest trends, but you should always shape your brows to your face to make sure that they complement your best features.

You can do this with microblading, microshading, or classic brow makeup. So, just to clarify, what is microblading? The answer is that it is a way to get full brows that you won’t have to fill in every day to make your life just a little more convenient.

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