What is Menopause and How Does It Affect Women

What is Menopause and How Does It Affect Women

Every woman in the world knows they have a biological clock that will run down at some point. This is something they come to accept about life as early as possible. As a woman, you may have several questions about Menopause. Not everyone fully grasps the idea of Menopause and how it may affect them. Below are some ideas of what Menopause is and how it affects women.

What’s Menopause?

There’s an age where all women get to, and they don’t get their period for a whole year. It is at this point that they can be described as getting to Menopause. The age where a woman can get to Menopause can vary but from the late 40s to early 50s. When this happens, there are a lot of changes that will happen to the woman’s body. This will be a result of the production of progesterone and estrogen in the ovaries. Some of the symptoms that one is likely to experience are hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and weight gain. When there’s vaginal dryness, there’s inflammation around the vagina. There will also be thinning of the vaginal tissues, making it quite uncomfortable during intercourse. Getting through Menopause may require a few trips to a sexual health doctor for advice on how to handle it.

Difference of Menopause and Perimenopause

One of the questions a lot of women have is what perimenopause is. This is the period just before Menopause begins. It is pretty there, but it’s almost there, and your body begins to transition slowly. At this point, the hormone production from the ovaries will slowly start to decline. And menopause symptoms will start to show for a bit.

Hot Flash

One of the ways that Menopause will affect your body is by hit flashes. This is when you will feel your body temperature rise a bit. It will likely only affect the upper parts of your body, and the skin can turn red for others. When you experience this heat, it may even lead to heart palpitations, dizziness, and even sweating at some point. After the hot flash, the subject can then start to feel cold.

How Menopause affects the Bone Health

Since there’s a decline in estrogen production, it will affect the amount of calcium in the bones. When this happens, there’s a significant decrease in bone density. This can lead to a condition – osteoporosis.

Heart Disease and Menopause

When you are in the menopause stage, your heart condition has a high chance of an increase. As a result, there are chances that symptoms such as cardiac palpitation will occur. Therefore, you generally need to watch your weight and what you eat when you’re in Menopause.

Weight Gain in Menopause

There are no known or clear indications that support the idea that Menopause comes with weight gain. But hormone levels have been known to contribute to weight gain. And hormones can change up at any point in life – Menopause can’t be overly suspected. Though with the imbalance, it can cause weight gain. It would help if you watched your diet more often and exercise regularly to control your weight.

How Does Menopause Affect Women?

Menopause happens to women, and the sooner you learn the signs, the better. Once you’re in your 40s, you need to start looking out for signs.