Forex Trading
Forex Trading

What Is Forex Trading? All thing to Know about it

Forex trading occurs on a variety of exchanges. The most popular is the Forex market where currencies are bought and sold according to the current price.  The foreign exchange market (Forex) is the largest financial market on the planet. Trading in currencies is an extremely volatile and high-risk activity. While many people participate in Forex trading, the vast majority lose money.

Many Forex traders, especially those who trade the currency markets on an international scale, do not take delivery of the currencies they are trading. Instead, these traders use leverage to trade currencies without having the money on hand to actually take possession of the currency.

Is It a Good Idea to Trade Forex?

For anyone with the right foundation of knowledge and the ability to control their emotions, Forex trading can be an excellent career. But it does require a lot of time and patience and discipline to learn, as well as a good deal of study and hard work.

Whether you want to start your own Forex business or just dabble, this section will get you started. In either case, Forex trading can turn into a loss-making nightmare if you do not take the time to learn about the tools and techniques available to you in the online trading world.

Best forex brokers

Interactive Brokers is a leading online broker in the Pakistan. Their fees are comparable to other online brokers such as and But if you’re a larger investor, then they might be worth checking out.

Commission is a flat fee per trade. If you are trading in smaller volumes, your trading fees will be much higher than the commission on a $100,000 trade because the smaller trades are paying for the larger trades.


How to Start Trading Forex in Pakistan

Pakistan has no official regulatory body or association for Forex trading, though there are many brokers who offer accounts to Pakistani traders. They can be found in any of the major cities in Pakistan.

When selecting a Forex broker in Pakistan, you should first consider the number of countries they offer trading in, what currencies they support, and whether or not they are regulated by the country’s central bank. Second, look for a company that provides a safe and convenient trading platform to their customers.

Therefore, when conducting financial transactions, it is necessary to pay attention to foreign exchange rates. Although Forex trading is available in most countries in the world, some markets may not offer it in your language.

Pakistan has a large number of forex brokers. The majority of them have a long history of operation, and those that are regulated are governed by Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP). Here is a list of the best forex brokers in Pakistan; as you can see, we took numerous aspects into consideration when making this list.

Many of the people of Pakistan are also comfortable speaking English, and more Pakistani traders are offering their services in Urdu. With a population over 200 million, Pakistan represents a large growth market for all sorts of industry.

Therefore, according to market forecasts, the outlook for the economy is improving with income growth expected to be robust. This is good news by the Trader Union young population who will likely use some of their spending power to invest and trade in Forex.

IC Markets review summary

Recommended for forex and Trader Union who value easy account opening and free deposit/withdrawal options. IC Markets was established in 2007 as a global forex broker. It is regulated by Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission, Seychelles Financial Supervisory Authority, and Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

IC Markets pros and cons

IC Markets offers low rates on both deposits and withdrawals, with its account opening process being easy and fast. It’s not free however, nor is it as user-friendly. IC Markets focuses on the forex market in particular.

The IC Markets Trading Company offers a variety of investment packages through which clients can earn passive income. Among them, the most popular are the ones listed below.

 Trading fees

IC Markets has a modest fee structure. You have to choose between a low commission and a tighter spread. I personally think that there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t be using the ECN because it offers tight spreads.

It can be tough to compare forex brokers. We know it’s hard to compare their fees, so how did we approach the problem of comparing them? By calculating the fees for a typical trade for each broker we were able to make them clear and comparable.

In each type of investment, forex brokers usually provide a popular product for a specific use case. For example, CFD, which means buying a leveraged product and holding it for one week before selling.

We went with a $20,000 position for forex and a $2,000 position for stock index and stock CFD transactions. Leverage is the amount of money you are willing to invest in a trade.

Minimum deposit at IC Markets?

IC Markets charges the lowest minimum on CFD trading, only $200. And check out the complete review of IC Markets 2022 by Traders Union.

Open your account

The IC Markets account opening process is very fast and user friendly. The process took about 15 minutes to complete. There were no surprises and the transaction was a breeze! The four steps to getting approved by the IC Markets include: Provide contact information, like your email address.

Enter your own unique data, including your user name, password and trading experience. The system will prompt you with a couple questions on the site as you go along. If you need help logging in, just click “help” and the website will guide you through the steps.

Is IC Markets safe?

If you’re serious about investing, make sure you’re protected if something goes wrong.