What Is a Baseball Trading Pin (& How Can I Collect Them?)

It is estimated that the San Fransico Giants have almost 3 million fans. There is a vast amount of baseball fans around the world. And each fan will show their support in different ways.

Most of us will have one baseball team they root for over the competition. Over the years, there have been many new and inventive ways to show support for a team.

One such craze is investing in a baseball trading pin for your favorite team. Keep reading to learn more about baseball trading pins and how you can start collecting them.

What Is a Baseball Trading Pin

Baseball trading pins can be found from as far back as the 1920s. A New York baker created buttons with the faces of the NY baseball team. They then began to distribute them to their customers.

People started to regularly visit this bakery in the hopes of collecting the whole set. And so, the tradition of trading baseball pins was born. People would trade pins they had multiple of for ones they needed for their collection.

Trading pins are a perfect way to design your own baseball tradition. Create pins for your team or design pins for other teams you admire that you wish to share with other fans.

Why Trade Baseball Pins

Trading pins are a great method to get yourself involved in the sport. Not only are you able to show your love of the sport, but you can also create relationships with other fans.

Take your baseball trading pin bags with you to the games and try and find other traders to connect with. They may well have their trading pin bag with them to swap some with you.

Is there a pin out there you have been searching for and would give anything to get your hands on? These traders may have that pin. You will need to barter with them to trade it for one of yours.

Keep Track of Your Collection

Once you start collecting, you will want to keep track of what you have. Place your collection in a baseball trading pin holder. This way, you will know what pins you need and which you can trade.

Leave your prized pins at home in the pin holder. Take precautions to ensure you don’t accidentally trade away a pin you want to keep. Instead, take the duplicates you may have to trade away.

Once you have a complete set, display them somewhere safe. The feeling you gain from finally completing that set you have been searching for is amazing. Let all your loved ones know of your achievement.

Check Your Vintage Pins

Not only is there a great sense of accomplishment when completing a set, but it could be valuable in the future. Unfortunately, modern pins will rarely be worth more than what you pay for them.

If you find a place that sells baseball trading pins cheap, purchase them to complete your set. Their value may grow across the years. Having a complete set will only make that value even higher.

Single Pin

The most expensive baseball pin predates the trading craze. Have you somehow found yourself in possession of a 1911 Philidelphia Athletics Press Pin? If so, you’re in luck.

This pin was the first World Series press pin ever to be issued. Not only is it a collectible, but it also has a rich history. The value of this pin alone has been known to be between $50,000 and $75,000.


The most expensive pin collection was created in 1956. Topps mixed things up by creating a set of 60 pins supporting players, 11 of which found their way into the Hall of Fame.

When these pins were sold, they went for a nickel apiece. Now, the complete collection is valued at $12,000. So collecting trading pins is not only great fun, but it could be a great investment opportunity as well.

Find Other Collectors

There are many people out there who will be collecting and trading pins just like you. You should search your area for local pin meets. Pin meets are a great way to meet other collectors.

These collectors will be avid traders just like you. So take your trading pin bag and meet others who may have pins you are after. Who knows, maybe you have a pin they are searching for?

Not only is this a great way to increase your collection, but you can also become part of their society. You will meet a group of people just like yourself and make some amazing new relationships.

Non-MLB Baseball Trading Pin

Baseball trading pins are available for all levels of baseball. Try to spread your range away from Major League Baseball. Include the lower leagues, and you will find your collection growing even faster.

Why not check out little league team baseball trading pins? This is a great way to show support for your local society—especially if you have a child who plays for a certain team.

Meet other parents who are getting involved in supporting their young ones. Create some amazing pins to spread with your local little league team. Help make their childhood memorable.

Create and Trade

Pick up or create your very first baseball trading pin today and begin your journey. You will find yourself meeting a range of new people in a vast array of new places.

Start your collection with your favorite team’s pin. Why not buy more than one to give yourself a chance to swap it? Who knows how much your pin collection will value in the future.

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