What are the Best motorhome blogs in UK,


Have you ever had the chance to use a motorhome? It was quite an amazing experience, right? Well, let’s see what all these motorhome blogs are about.

Hope you are excited already? Because I am.

What is an RV blog?

The entire lifestyle of the RV blog is full of excitement and boundless travel. It’s the ideal lifestyle to capture online because there are so many locations to see and things to see! Hundreds, if not thousands, of people believe this. Today, we’re offering you five RV travel bloggers to follow if you haven’t already.

These Escapees are RV travel bloggers and we believe you’ll enjoy everything they have to say!

Trying to Unwind

Kevin and Kara, RVers operate a travel blog. This couple lives in their 2000 American Tradition RV, Pippi, a 37-foot diesel pusher.” Cheap and Cheerful” is how Kara defines their cheap travel lifestyle.

Travel advise, location information, RV adaptations, and much more can be found on Trying to Unwind! They have a great post on solar installation for RVs.

The Rambling Quilter

Jennifer Skinner is the author of The Rambling Quilter, an RV travel blog. Jenny travels in a 41-foot Grand Design fifth-wheel towing a Ford F-350 nicknamed “Beauty and the Beast” with her hubby.

On this Quilter, visitors can get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Jenny and her hubby’s RV travels. it’s interesting to read about other people’s experiences with museums, treks, tourist destinations, and other activities. It also serves as motivation for your upcoming vacay.

 The 5 Journeys

Dr. Brenda Ueckert, an RVer, money coach, and entrepreneur has created a unique blog. This is a useful blog for anyone interested in RV travel, business, personal finance, or inspiration and knowledge.

You’ll find RV travel articles, life experiences, personal finance tips, business articles, business inspiration, and much more. She also has created a series of travel notebooks for women.

Live Laugh RV

Ingrid and Al are full-time RVers. Ingrid is the author of Live Laugh RV, their travel blog. They travel in a 2011 Keystone Laredo fifth wheel, which they’ve customized to suit their needs.

Ingrid is a gifted writer and posts on this RV travel blog that makes you feel as if you’re right there with her, witnessing events as they unfold.

Going With The Flow RV

Travis and Traci LeBlanc travel full-time in their Vilano fifth wheel and keep a travel blog.

This RV travel site is jam-packed with travel articles, location information, RV lifestyle blog posts and so much more! You’ll find everything you need here, including lifestyle advice, travel inspiration, campsite reviews, recipes, and more.

What are the most reliable motorhomes?

Are you seeking to purchase a Motorhome, the probability is that you want it to be able to transport you. Then again, a house is effectively an RV that can’t move. It’s always a plus when the RV’s comforts operate as well. Let’s take a look at the 3 most dependable RV brands for the year 2021.


It is one of the oldest manufacturers, with a solid reputation for producing high-quality RVs at affordable costs. On February 18th,1958, the company was founded in Iowa, where they began manufacturing plants in Indiana, Oregon, Minnesota, and Florida.

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Everyone’s demands can be met with Class A or C motorhome, camper van, or travel trailer. The Class C Winnebego View, for example, starts at just under $90,000. That seems pricey and it is, but there is no such thing as an inexpensive new Motorhome. Are you searching for a budget travel trailer? Then Minnie and Micro Minnie Series travel trailer campers are the way to go.

Leisure Travel Vans

These vans are compact and simple, “camper vans” as they are called. Their vehicles either are designed on the Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter platforms, with one offering more luxury than the other. The brand, on the other hand, embodies the concept of excellent quality in tiny quantities.

The Wonder, which is based on the Ford Transit platform, costs $129,285, while the Unity, which is based on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis, costs $150,615.

Newmar Motorhomes

Newmar, like Leisure Camper Vans and Grand Design, focuses on one style of Motorhomes i.e., Class A motorhomes.

The Bay Star Sport, their most affordable model costs $150,402. The costliest motorhome costs $1,399,664, while the median price across all of their models is a stunning $570,759, with one of the most expensive motorhomes costing $1,399,664.

Can you sleep in a motorhome on the street in UK,

Newmar’s unrivaled excellence is justified by the expensive pricing. The facilities in these luxury motorhomes are more related to those found in a home than in an RV, such as tiled showers. Some of their motorhomes are even built on semi-truck chassis.

Can you Sleep in a motorhome on the street in the UK?

The last thing you want to do is to upset someone or break the law. Your trip could just come to a halt if this should happen.

No, you can’t park your motorhome anywhere in the UK.

In the United Kingdom, every land is normally owned by someone. So, if you want to go on wild camping, you’ll need to ask for permission from the owner of the land in advance.   You would end up breaking the law if you don’t.

Wild camping is not allowed in England and Wales unless you have special permission from the landowners. It is lawful, however, in Scotland according to Act 2003 of the Land Reform to camp on most unclosed properties.

In Scotland, if you are intending on wild camping with your motorhome, keep in mind that the Act grants access rights for any non-motorized activity therefore you should still get permission from the landowner before setting up your camp.

There are still some areas in England and Wales where you can go wild camping. There are places such as the Lake District and sections of Dartmoor.

Irrespective of where you’re wild camping, try to adhere to the instructions of ‘take only photographs, leave only footprints, and avoid parking on roadsides or near walking pathways.

Arrive late and depart early to keep your stay brief and pleasant.

The best tip I can give is that before parking your motorhome, ask the owner of the nearest place if you may stay for the night. This is going to help you avoid future problems.