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What Are the Benefits of Body Vibration Machines?

If you exercise regularly, you know that a combination of regular cardio and strength-training workouts is productive for your body. That’s why you might think power vibration machines for your entire body sound absurd. 

However, these whole-body vibration machines can positively affect your muscle strength, balance, and blood flow with only 15 minutes of use.


Keep reading to learn more benefits of using a body vibration machine.

1. Toned Muscles

Whole-body vibration machines vibrate at a specific frequency, which transmits energy throughout your body. As the device vibrates, your muscles rapidly contract and relax. This movement builds your strength over time. 

However, you won’t perfect your beach body with a vibration machine alone. Perform dynamic strength exercises such as push-ups, squats, and lunges in addition to vibration sessions.

If you apply vibrations through the machine at different angles, you can activate more muscle fibers, enhancing the exercise’s effects. These effects lead to an increase in muscle density and growth.

2. Stronger Bones

Not only does vibration training tone your muscles, but it’s shown to increase leg strength and bone mineral density

You can avoid diseases such as osteoporosis by increasing your overall fitness and bone strength. For these reasons, whole-body vibration machines like the Lifetimevibe are excellent tools for the elderly trying to stay fit.

3. Increased Balance, Coordination, and Flexibility

When you exercise, your muscles contract one to two times each repetition. When using a vibration machine, this increases to 30-50 per second. Vibration also increases your body’s range of motion, as you can’t achieve the same effect through static stretching.

You can perform exercises while on the vibration plate, which energizes your core and hip flexors as they work to stabilize your muscles. Your body works harder, which strengthened the muscles around your joints.

When regularly using a vibration machine, you’ll notice that your posture, flexibility, and coordination will improve over time.

4. Increased Blood Flow and Enhanced Immunity

Your body’s blood circulation increase as your muscles repeatedly contract and relax. This increased blood flow means that your muscles are oxygenated. Through this process, you can rejuvenate your body and quicken the recovery process.

Better blood flow also aids in faster metabolic waste removal.

As the vibration stimulates your lymph glands, your body circulates more lymph fluid throughout. As white blood cells are more evenly distributed across your organs, your overall immunity improves.

5. Potential Weight Loss

Finally, it’s possible to increase weight loss efforts through the use of vibration exercise.

When combined with a healthy diet and dynamic exercise, vibration machines can help you use up to 10.5% of your body weight over six months.

As your metabolism increases, you’ll also increase the potential for weight loss.

You Can Benefit From Whole Body Vibration Machines 

By now, you know that vibration machines are beneficial to your overall health and fitness. However, nothing can replace regular strength training and anaerobic fitness workouts. 

So, if you decide to purchase a full-body vibration machine, use it in tandem with regular exercise to maximize your health and fitness efforts. 

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