Bloomex same-day flower delivery

What are the advantages of Bloomex same-day flower delivery?

Flowers are such a wonderful gift to receive for any occasion, whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or as a just-because present. Nothing says, “I appreciate you” quite like a beautiful bouquet of gorgeous, freshly-cut flowers. Bonus points if you send it with a personalized message to really make your gift stand out.

So now that you know you’re buying flowers, you’ll want to make sure the delivery is just right, of course! We recommend same-day delivery for sending any kind of flower arrangements. Read on to learn more about the advantages of same-day flower delivery.

1. Sending the freshest flowers possible.

Who doesn’t want to send (and receive!) the freshest bouquet possible? When you order flowers on the same-day delivery, you can rest assured that your petals will stay fresh, perky, and colorful. Our practical tip is to be aware that some flower sources only have specific flower arrangements available for same-day delivery. And while this might limit your options to a slight degree, remember that this is to ensure the freshness of the flowers.

2. Ensuring that your gift is delivered on time.

We’ve ALL been there: Despite your best intentions, you totally forgot that you needed to deliver the flowers on the day of your big occasion. However, even if you forget until the day of, same-day flower delivery ensures that your garden-variety gift reaches your special someone. As a general guideline, it is recommended that you put your same-day delivery order in before 3 pm, as most florists set this as the final booking time.

3. Ability to order, pay and deliver on the same day.

The process of ordering flowers to be delivered on the same day is really the ideal way to go. Keep in mind that the earlier you put in your order, the sooner it will arrive at your recipient. Make sure your florist of choice enables some form of order tracking for you to check the location and status of your flowers. As you order flowers online, be mindful of delivery charges and check the service reviews before making a final decision.

4. You can save more time.

With same-day flower delivery, you don’t need to stop by the grocery store to pick the freshest flower arrangement you can find. Instead, the professionals handle everything – offering higher-quality flowers and accurate, hassle-free delivery.

When you think about it, same-day delivery really is the most practical way to go when purchasing flowers online! Bloomex offers a wide variety of beautiful flower arrangements to let your recipient know that you care about them. Bloomex even helps you choose the perfect gift with live chat support to answer all of your questions.

Order same-day flower delivery today!