What are the 13 papers of ACCA?

What are the 13 papers of ACCA?

ACCA accountancy qualification is a coveted educational degree that is not an easy one to grab hold of, as it requires students to dedicate the time to learn a range of topics spread across more than then compulsory papers.

Learning about all the 13 ACCA papers will provide you with the practical experience required to become a full-fledged ACCA member and progress in your journey towards fulfilling your accountancy career path.

This blog will give you a detailed guide about the 13 coursework modules that ACCA preparatory programmes consist of and the different categories that the entire examination is subdivided into.

How does the ACCA course or syllabus look like?

The complete ACCA syllabus is typically divided into 14 modules including the professional and ethic skills modules.

The two main categories of the ACCA examination level include the fundamental, which comprises of 9 papers or modules, and the professional level which comprises of 4 papers or modules.

There are four examination sessions conducted globally every year, allowing aspirants to attempt up to 8 compulsory papers within this.

What are the subjects covered Within the ACCA preparatory course syllabus?

The fundamental level courses include 9 papers that are quite relevant to most international professional qualifications and undergraduate degree programmes.

To be eligible for acquiring the ACCA qualification, you are required to pass all 9 papers and acquire a good grounding of the topics included.

The fundamental level is again subdivided into the knowledge level consisting of 3 papers and the skills level consisting of 6 papers that are numerically labelled from F1 to F9.

Applied knowledge papers [Knowledge level]

This section allows students to gain a broader understanding of accounting and finance fundamentals, alongside developing a sense of understanding for the aspirants regarding the practises and techniques in accounting.

The 3 exam papers that you need to appear for under the knowledge level are:

  • F1 – business and technology [BT]
  • F2 – management accounting [MA]
  • F3 – financial accounting [FA]

Applied skills papers [skills level]

The following applied skills papers focuses on developing strong practical finance ability that can help students to function as a professional accountant in any industry:

  • F4 – corporate and business law [LW]
  • F5 – performance management [PM]
  • F6 – Taxation [TX]
  • F7 – financial reporting [FR]
  • F8 – audit and assurance [AAA]
  • F9 – finance, and management [FM]

Strategic professional level

This module provides students with the essential leadership skills required to flourish in managerial positions and include the following 6 papers:

Compulsory papers

  • P1 – strategic business leader [SBL]
  • P2 – strategic business reporting [SBR]

Optional papers [electives, where students can choose 2 out of the 4 courses offered]

  • P3 – advanced financial management [AFM]
  • P4 – advanced performance management [APM]
  • P5 – advanced taxation [ATX]
  • P6 – advanced audit and assurance [AAA]

Ethics and Professional Skills module

This is another compulsory section that is aimed to develop a range of employability skills among students to help them survive in real-world business situations.

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