What Are Jessica Jones' Powers?

What Are Jessica Jones’ Powers?

Jessica Jones is a fictional superhero created by Marvel. Jessica has extraordinary abilities like strength, flight, and the ability to resist mind control. Come to think of it these abilities are pretty cool. Hope you enjoy this article about Jessica Jones’ Powers.

Who Is Jessica Jones?

Wondering What Are Jessica Jones’ Powers? Jessica Campbell Jones Cage is a superhero who appeared in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Brian Michael Bendis the writer and artist Michael Gaydos created this character. It first appeared in the Marvel Max imprint series Alias in November 2001. It introduces them as an unknown classmate of Peter Parker who first featured in the collection comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 in August 1962 in the Silver Age of Comic Books, created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko.

Within the context of Marvel’s shared universe, Jones is a former superhero who becomes the owner. From 2001 through 2004, Alias ran for 28 issues, with David W. Mack drawing the majority of the covers. Jones and other characters from the story appeared in Bendis’ future series, The Pulse after the serial ended.

Alias was supposed to star Jessica Drew at first, but it evolved into something else entirely. That’s a good thing because if we would utilize Jessica, the plot would have been off now and uninteresting. Bendis previously stated, “At one point, I was flirting with the idea of starting a business”. Jones was Bendis’ core character by the time he began actively developing the series, with a different background and voice from Drew’s.

Jessica Jones was a regular character in the 2010-2013 New Avengers series, from issue #1 (August 2010)) through issue #34 (August 2013). (January 2013). Bendis mentioned his wish to include Jones in the parallel reality Ultimate Marvel imprint in a Marvel comics podcast. She debuts as a senior at Peter Parker’s school in Ultimate Spider-Man #106.

What are Jessica Jones’ powers?

Jessica woke up with superhuman skills after coming into contact with experimental drugs and spending time in a coma. She has superhuman strength, flying, and the ability to resist mind control. She demonstrated her ability to easily move a two-ton police car.

With a single punch to the face, she was able to grab a giant-sized Goliath by the nostrils and fling him a short distance, break Atlas’ nose and knock out her fellow superheroine Jessica Drew. After being startled by Jessica Drew’s venom blasts, she endured being punched by a human on Mutant-Growth Hormone, suffering just minor bruising and a bleeding nose, and was able to heal in seconds. Jessica was severely injured despite her resistance to injury. She can also fly and when she was capable of flying during her early years as a heroine, she confessed that her ability to fly deteriorated once and she was no longer an active heroine. After joining the new avengers, she has increased her flying abilities.

Jessica was given telepathic protection by Jean Grey of x-Men after her tragedy at the hands of the Purple Man. Jessica’s telepathic shielding was adequate to protect her from a second Purple Man attack though she had to activate it on her own. Jessica is also a talented detective and investigative journalist in addition to her extraordinary abilities.

 The Other Versions of Jessica Jones

There are other versions where Jessica Jones appeared in Marvel’s multiverse.

  • Jessica Jones in Avengers

Jessica was reportedly dating Scott Lang in the 2005 House of M storyline. She accepted Captain America’s offer to work for The Avengers in What if. When Wanda the Scarlet Witch noticed something was wrong with her, she informed the other Avengers ensuring that the horrific events depicted in Avengers Disassembled and House of M would never happen. Jessica tied the knot with Captain America.

  • Jessica Jones in Ultimate Spiderman

She appeared as a senior student at Peter Parker (Spiderman)’s school in Ultimate Spiderman. She managed the school’s television network as an executive producer. Later, she grew envious of Mary Jane Watson’s excellent filmmaking abilities. She may have been skeptical of Peter Parker after attempting to uncover Spiderman’s secret identity for the school’s newspaper. She returns after the events of the ultimatum.

  • Jones in Spiderman loves Jane

Here Jessica was a student at Mary Jane’s high school and a former friend of Mary Jane until she turned a goth. After her separation from Ned Leeds, Mary Jane spent more time with Jessica and grew more goth-like until Jessica told her it didn’t fit her.

In Spiderman Life Story

Jessica dated Peter Parker(Spiderman) briefly after his divorce from Mary Jane. She assisted Spiderman in tracking down the old Norman Osborn. Jessica Jones of this planet like her version in Earth 616 began her career as a private investigator and the founder of Alias investigations.

  • Jessica Jones in Avengers Infinity

Gamora used the infinity stones to divide the universe in two during the events of Infinity Wars leading to the birth of the Warp World, where characters and histories were mixed. Jessica Jones combined with Janice Lincoln to become the Beetle in this world. Scott Banner called Little Monster was her fiancée.

  • Jessica Jones in Secret Wars

Various incarnations of Jessica existed in each of the Battleworld realms throughout the Secret Wars storyline. Just after the female Loki attacked part of the Shield, Luke Cage and Jessica joined in defeating a horde of undead from the Deadlands in the Battleworld domain of Arcadia. Luke and Jessica are married and live in Harlem in the Battleworld jurisdiction of the Walled City of New York.

How Jessica Jones Appeared in Video Games

In Marvel’s Alliance, Jessica appears as an unlockable playable character and in Marvel’s Future Flight, she appears as the unblocked playable character.

In Lego Marvel’s Avengers voiced by Tara Strong, Jones appears as an unlockable playable character, and in Marvel’s Avengers Academy voiced by Michelle Phan.

In Marvel Heroes voiced by Tara Strong, Jessica was one of the Heroes for Hire that Luke Cage could summon in the game. She featured severally in Marvel War of Heroes.

In Marvel’s Puzzle Quest, she appeared as an unlockable playable character, and in Spiderman, she played Detective at Alias investigations.

In Marvel’s Strike Force, she is a city controller joined with the Defenders team. Her costume was based on her outfit in Jessica Jones and her Jewel costume.

In Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3, The Black Order, Jessica Jones appeared as an NPC.

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