Western Sydney - The Place To Be for Things To Do and See

Western Sydney – The Place To Be for Things To Do and See

Not everything to see and do is in the Sydney CBD or located along its many famous beaches and shorelines. Out west is a vast network of suburbs to explore that offer so many opportunities for fun, excitement, adventure and entertainment.

Let’s take a look at just some of the cool things Sydney’s West has to offer both locals and visitors and discover why it’s an area of the city that’s worth exploring.

Parramatta Has So Much To Offer

The Parramatta district is considered by many to be the unofficial capital of the Western Suburbs. It’s like a satellite city out west and is one of the main social and entertainment hubs in the region. If you enjoy your nights out and like to party a little (or a lot), then Parramatta is definitely the place to be.

The district has more to offer than bars, clubs and nightlife though. There are plenty of fantastic shopping opportunities in Parramatta, as well as loads of fine places to enjoy a meal or relax with a coffee. The suburb is also located on the Parramatta River, with parklands, theatres, outdoor entertainment, bowling alleys, cinemas and so much more. No trip out west would be complete without spending some quality time in Parramatta.

Dine Out In Lidcombe

Lidcombe is a centralised suburb and one that has been becoming very trendy in recent times. Now, it’s considered a prime location to head to if you want to enjoy a meal out, as there are so many great places to eat in Lidcombe. In fact, many Lidcombe restaurants are considered top class, yet offer great value for money.

Just some of your dining out options in Lidcombe include popular Korean food, authentic Chinese cuisine, delicious and healthy Vietnamese food, sizzling Filipino and, of course, some good Aussie tucker.

While you can find fantastic places to dine out just about everywhere in the Western Suburbs, there is an awesome concentration of quality restaurants in the Lidcombe area.

Head Into Penrith for Adrenaline Fun

Penrith is a suburb way out west that’s nestled in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. In recent years, Penrith has become home to some adrenaline-fueled activities.

For starters, there is an indoor skydiving facility that simulates the sensation of actual skydiving. Powerful jets of air keep participants suspended, giving the sensation of free falling through the clouds.

You can even do some whitewater rafting in Penrith, where the old whitewater facility used for the 2000 Olympics has been transformed into a man-made whitewater rafting adventure playground. Anyone over 12 can have a go and it’s loads of fun.

Penrith is also home to a fantastic water park, where friends and families can spend an entire day having a total blast on the rides and in the pools.

There is also an ice skating arena, which is an awesome way to cool off in hot weather, as well as cable skiing. You can even try a jetpack ride, which utilises powerful engines to propel water through hoses so individuals are propelled into the air to simulate a jetpack flight.

Penrith is certainly the best place out west to get your adrenaline fix.

Go Karting Fun In Western Sydney

This is another activity for those that enjoy speed, thrills, competition and an adrenaline rush. Throughout the Western Suburbs, you’ll discover a number of top quality go kart tracks that cater to people of all ages and skill levels. No one needs to be an expert driver to have a go. You can test your driving skills against your friends or simply sit back and watch the action with some snacks and refreshments.

Go Karting is fantastic fun for everyone and it’s also very safe. If you’ve never tried go karting before and are looking for something different and exciting to do, then head out west to one of the numerous go karting facilities and try your hand at it. You’ll be so glad you did and it’ll be something you’ll always remember.

The Wrap

This article had outlined just a handful of places you can visit and things you can do in Western Sydney. It’s best to get out there and discover the region for yourself, as there is so much to do and see.