Virtual Business Meetings: Here's How You Can Improve The Productivity

Virtual Business Meetings: Here’s How You Can Improve The Productivity

With the current situation across the globe, organisations have incorporated virtual video conferencing to continue the spirit of teamwork and help check in on staff and hold essential company meetings. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that the virtual business meetings run efficiently to allow for free flow of information and meet company deadlines.

This article focuses on some of the ways you can improve virtual business meetings so that they can be productive and run smoothly.

Utilising Proper tools

In the world of today, innovation around technology has been improving significantly. There are numerous video conferencing solutions in the market that offer you and your team the right tools to conduct a virtual business meeting. It is important to conduct your due diligence to ensure that you pick out the video conferencing solution that best meets your staff’s needs. This way, you will be able to have a smooth and productive virtual business meeting. 

Also, you and your team must familiarise yourself with the video conferencing platform you choose so that you can be well-prepared beforehand. This will eliminate any delays that may lead to a poor virtual business meeting.

Virtual Business Meetings: Here's How You Can Improve The Productivity

Make sure that you have a good internet connection to help you have proper access to the video conferencing platform. A poor connection may lead to disruptions that may limit the success of the virtual business meeting.

Proper Testing

Test the software you choose to use some hours before the meeting. If there are any glitches, you should fix them before the meeting. This will help you conduct the meeting efficiently. Also, familiarise yourself with the various settings associated with your video conferencing software to help you tackle any shortcomings during the meeting. 

Proper Etiquette

For you to have a successful virtual business meeting, every participant should practice proper behaviour. Every individual should handle themselves as if it was an in-person meeting. This includes proper dressing, avoiding food, and the phone. By keeping away these distractions, everyone will focus on the agenda of the meeting and participate efficiently. 

In addition, ensure that your microphone is switched off when it is not your turn to speak so that you do not distract any other member from sharing some vital information. When you maintain high levels of professionalism during the virtual business meeting, you stand to gain a lot of information and share your part without leaving any details.

A Proper Plan

Have a solid plan before you kick start the meeting. Know what the agenda is and have the points you are going to share ready in your notebook. Also, you can share the agenda with your team to help them prepare adequately. Also, highlight the time of the meeting so that you can set up early. Familiarise with the participants of the meeting and also lay out the ground rules. All these preparations will help you have a smooth virtual business meeting with your team.

Stick to the Main Agenda

Since people are working from home, they may have numerous deadlines to meet, including their family time. Therefore, ensure that everyone revolves around the main point to allow for timely completion of the meeting. Also, because you have a solid plan in place, this should not be a problem. Allocate time to each member to make their contribution to the main objective. 

Unlike the in-person meetings in the office, virtual video conferencing is subject to numerous distractions. Therefore, by revolving around the main point, you will help eliminate such distractions and have a successful virtual business meeting.

Be Inclusive by Recognising Each Member

Introduce all the members of your virtual meeting and welcome them to the meeting. This will help you start the meeting on a good note. Help your members familiarise themselves with each other so that there can be a smooth flow of information. Allocate a short time frame where each member can at least state their name and position. Also, for teammates who have worked together before, this can be an excellent opportunity to catch up and bond. 

Working from home may lead to anxiety as you do not interact with your peers like in the office environment. Therefore, allow them some little time to catch up. This will help everyone start the meeting on a good note and lead to a successful virtual business meeting.

Calls to Action

A successful meeting should always have calls to action. A virtual business meeting is no exception. Therefore, deliberate with your team and develop some calls to action that need to be delivered during the next virtual business meeting. You should also ensure that your team has the necessary tools to help them accomplish their tasks remotely to help them achieve the goals set in the video conferencing meeting.