VIDEO: Man Reveals Why He went into hiding After Wife Gave Birth To Quadruplets

In a recent news that was making on the internet a man named Daniel Aboagye run away because his wife had given birth to quadruplets.

Daniel Aboagye, the man in question in an interview yesterday, revealed that it is true that his wife who is called Princess gave birth in the government hospital and she had quadruplets, but he did not ran away.

He noted that, when he saw that his wife had given birth to quadruplets, he was very happy although he didn’t have money to take care of all of them. Daniel Aboagye also added that, he left the hospital to go and continue the work he was doing in order to earn some cash and come and pay the bills.

When Daniel Aboagye was looked for in the hospital and could not be found, they considered that he had ran away on seeing his wife give birth to quadruplets, meanwhile he was at work trying to earn some cash to come and foot all the bails.

Daniel also added that, he became sad when he had the news that he had ran away because his wife had given birth to quadruplets, and that is why he did that interview to clear the road and show the whole world that, he never ran away and left his wife.