VIDEO: Ghanaian lady who received 100 lashes for sleeping with a man in Saudi Arabia speaks

A few days ago, a video found its way on social media that captures a Ghanaian lady receiving 100 strokes of lashes for sleeping with a Sudanese man in Saudi Arabia.

The trending video of the injustice act on the poor lady has raised a lot of eyebrows on the Ghanaian internet community.

While others condemn the barbaric act, others also commend the men for what they claim was the right thing to do.

Well, the lady in question has finally come out to narrate what really transpired and caused her to received such heavy stroke of lashes.

According to the who decided not to reveal her name, the Ghanaian men abroad were jealous she was dating a Sudanese man and not a Ghanaian.

Explaining further, she said it was the Sudanese who took care of her after her agent abandoned her in Saudi Arabia for months.

She eventually fell in love with the Sudanese but the Ghanaian including her own agent were jealous of their relationship, hence the disgrace.

Watch the video below