VIDEO: Chief goes on knees to beg President Akufo-Addo to fix Atebubu bad roads

Bad road network has cause the country so much in terms of loosing precious lives that could have helped put Ghana on the map to loosing huge amount of monies from export of farm produce and other stuffs which could have helped boosted the economy.


There have been lots of people who have complained about our bad roads and the question is, what were previous government’s using loans acquired in the name of constructing roads for?


The latest to have joined calls for good roads is a chief in Atebubu in the Bono East region.


The Chief who believes the best thing to do for the president to listen to the cry of Atebubu for good roads is to stand on behalf of his people and plead with the government to fix bad roads in his community.


“Nana Addo, on behalf of the people of Atebubu I beg you to come to our aid and help construct the roads in Bono East,” the chief said.


Due to the bad nature of the roads in Atebubu area, drivers say, they are at the mercy of armed robbers at the area and even fear to travel at night.