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Van hire, important things to know.

It’s always an easy way to just hire a vehicle for your work or to enjoy travel. The quick access to these vehicles, which can be hired online, has become very common among the people these days.

Here are the important things you should know before hiring a vehicle online.

  • Be familiarized with the rental vehicle. The vehicles provided on rent are very different , so having a good knowledge of the vehicle is important to avoid any unknown damage.
  • You should be very clear with your requirements and choice of vehicle. For example if you want a vehicle of a journey with your friends and family, you should understand the needs very well. The number of people and the things you are going to carry. Also, van hire for business purposes needs planning. You should know the number of goods you want to transport, their size and space they would take. All these things are important to keep in mind before making a decision for cheap van hire for your business.
  • Choose the company which gives you free unlimited mileage with affordable costs. The vans for hire at various companies have different offers, so it’s better to choose the best one for yourself.
  • The most important is you should have all the required documents like your driver’s license before hiring any vehicle. Other documents like utility bills are required as a proof of your address, which should be less than three months old.
  • Before hiring any vehicle, it’s a must to check the condition and maintenance of the car well. From interior to exterior, everything should be checked thoroughly. Ensure that the vehicle is working in proper order before hiring it. The dimension of the car or van, the special features are things to know beforehand.
  • Get to know whether the vehicle uses diesel or petrol and at which amount of the same you need to return the vehicle.
  • The most common and essential thing to check while hiring a vehicle is the tires, headlights, indicators, brakes, seatbelts, windscreen wipers, and petrol caps.
  • Point out the details of damage that is already there before hiring so that further damage can be avoided.

Important documents required for UK people.

  • The people living in the UK should have a copy of the rental agreement email they have received.
  • A vehicle credit or debit card is necessary in order to leave a mark for any further additional costs.
  • A valid driver’s license is of at most importance
  • In addition to all these you would require two more identification proofs. It may be two bills or can be one bill and a form of photographic identification. The either must include proof of your address.

What license is required to hire a van?

  • If you want a van that weighs less than 3.5 tons, then all you need is a standard UK driving license or EC style license. However, a photo and a utility bill are also required for your further identification.
  • Also if your license does not allow you to drive an automatic vehicle then the company would provide you with only manual transmission vans for hire. There is an alternative of letting someone else drive for the same.
  • So it’s important to not drive your vehicle you are not qualified to. As you may face serious consequences. Even if you know a lot about the vehicle but are not qualified, it’s better not to drive on your own. Hire a driver or let someone experienced and legally drive it.
  • On a normal license, the vehicle that you can hire is Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter. All these vehicles weigh up to 3.5 tons. 

The answer to the commonly searched question ‘van hire near me’ is easy when you are hiring a van for family trips. But when hiring for business purposes, things become vital at each step.

For business, you need a reliable van according to your good type. Time also plays a significant role in business matters. Hence, hiring a perfect van that satisfy all your business need can be difficult to choose.

How to choose the perfect van?

Let’s solve your problem of selecting the proper can according to your business needs. Here are some tips you should follow before getting vans for hire for your work.

Cheap van hire for business can be a challenging task. As you would never want a van that would not meet your needs. Not selecting the proper van for hire can ruin your goods you carry hence ruin your business 

Understanding your needs will make you clear on an ideal van to hire. Every van for hire has different sizes, loading capacity, different functions, and structures. So it is important to list down your requirements and select the perfect van.

Make it clear how many vans you would need for your business. Avoid any later hiring of extra vans. It would affect your schedule and would be exhausting.

You should be aware of the fact that before hiring a van you need to do some research for it. The company’s website is the place you can do some research on your ideal vehicle. The reviews of other customers can also be helpful for you before actually hiring the vehicle.

Know how much time you require for the van. Time could influence the type of van you need. The larger van which can carry larger goods can save a lot of time for each trip.

The kind of luggage you will carry is also essential to know before hiring. Think carefully about whether the loading would require more or less space for your goods to be in proper condition. Encounter all the unnecessary losses.


Picking the van by yourself instead of getting it delivered is better. Though getting it delivered may save some time. But picking by yourself helps you to go for thorough checking of every detail of the van. Also, a road test of the vehicle is important to understand its functioning and capabilities.