Using temporary recruitment software for front and back-office support

Using temporary recruitment software for front and back-office support

Recruiters placing temporary workers need to operate quicker than their perm recruitment colleagues. Hiring companies expect to get their temps workers as soon as possible and temps recruiters work quickly to meet those expectations. The best way to deliver on the employers’ expectations is to work with temporary recruitment software CRM. The software helps recruiters make prompt, smart decisions which is the basic requirement in the world of temp recruitment.

Recruiters can use the temporary recruitment CRM software for front and back-office support.

Easy to book shifts

Temps recruiters have to manage a whole lot of candidates and their varying shifts all at once. Using a plethora of Excel sheets is not going to cut it any longer. Not if recruiters want to be productive and efficient. Temps recruitment CRM makes it simple and easy for recruiters to book and plan shifts around both candidate and client availability. Once recruiters procure a list of available jobs, they can immediately review candidate availability and schedule them for the job.

Online timesheets for convenience

Online timesheets are a convenient temps software feature that allows workers to put in the number of hours they’ve worked. There is little room for error since they are in charge of logging in the days and hours they have worked.  After they’ve recorded the timesheets, the managers double-check the hours and sign it off if everything is accurate. As the timesheets are online, it is convenient for everyone involved to use them to verify and make amendments easily. Temps recruiters find it very beneficial as they can leave the relevant data entry to candidates and the hiring managers.

Supports compliance

Temps recruiters must confirm candidates have the appropriate right-to-work documents. However, it can get very complicated and overwhelming to manage legal compliance manually for so many workers at the same time. Recruitment CRM software offers accessible and comprehensive compliance check functionality which enables recruiters to ensure everything is in place. The software is also useful for sending reminders when the next round of compliance check re-issue is due.

Manages candidate availability

Temps recruitment CRM allows recruiters to quickly assess which candidates are busy and which ones are available. It generates a list of available candidates who also fall within the local and compliant categories. Recruiters are then able to approach the available candidates with suitable roles. It also helps them keep track of temp workers who are currently working and check their work progress.

Help raise self-bills

The self-billing arrangement is beneficial as it speeds up the payment process. The invoices are set to a pre-approved standard format and that also helps in reducing any mistakes. It allows temps workers to enter their worked hours easily and send it off for payment approval. This is a very convenient process that helps all parties save time. Since the entire method is electronic, there are no bills or invoices to print which is also effective in reducing admin costs.