US electronic industry may get a boost from congress

US electronic industry may get a boost from congress

There’s no doubt that nowadays, the way we live, work and play revolve around technology. From the advance in mobile phones to medical devices, cars and even household appliances, technology is something we simply can’t live without.

However, one downside of the world going digital is that we rely on semiconductors for most of this. As a result, the world is facing unprecedented shortages of electronic elements, in particular, semiconductors.

What do the Biden administration plan to do for the semiconductor sector?

In response to the semiconductor shortage, the Biden administration have urged Congress to pass a bill that strengthens the research, development, and manufacturing for supply chains, to put a stop to the global semiconductor shortages.

As well as passing a new bill, Biden has also promised to invest in American workers so that semiconductors can be manufactured on US soil. As such, the White House have been working alongside Congress and several private sector partners to expand the US chip making capacity, to put an end to the shortages.

How has the situation has led to focus on PCB domestic production and calls for funding?

Given the current semiconductor situation, there has been widespread talk of investment in the semiconductor industry, and rightly so.

But did you know that this has also had knock on effects for the PCB industry? PCBs are as crucial for electronics as semiconductors are. Without them, electronic devices simply cannot function.

Over the years, PBC manufacturing in the US declined, with most of the manufacturing being outsourced to China. However, outsourcing part of the supply chain leaves potential for shortages, such as the semiconductor scarcity.

As such, to try and combat any delays, the US are looking to invest in companies that can bring the PCB supply chain back to the US. Not only is this more secure from a cybersecurity perspective, but by manufacturing PCBs here in the US, you can fix any capacity problems relatively quickly.

How is the industry reacting to the news?

Given the widespread unease in recent years due to outsourcing PCB and semiconductor manufacturing to China, the industry is welcoming the changes with open arms. As well as help to combat the global shortages, this bill, if it goes ahead, will have the ability to make the US a dominant figure in the PCB manufacturing sphere once more. As a result, thousands of jobs will be made in the sector.

Final thoughts…

Although the global semiconductor shortage is wreaking havoc in the electronics industry, the end is in sight. With the Biden administration pledging to invest in the manufacturing of semiconductors and PCBs, it’s a welcome change for the industry.

Now, we wait and see what comes of the bill.