US citizens rate President Joe Biden as inflation continues to rise.

Opinions about the appearance of President Joe Biden were split among the citizens of Boston.

During the decision-making process, residents of Harvard Square examined President Biden’s performance as well as other significant factors, such as inflation.

Some people were critical of the decisions that the president made regarding the economy, while others were complimentary of the president’s performance, stating that the president did the best job he could with the resources that were available to him.


A student at Harvard named Charles gave an interview in which he stated, “I think a lot of things that Biden done… contributed to the inflation that had led to a lot of troubles today.” [Case in point] Biden obtained a grade of D when he was questioned about the way in which the United States withdrew from Afghanistan in the month of August.

Nick, who gives a grade of A to the president, responded by stating: “There is no doubt that a significant portion of a president’s score is determined by comparisons to the presidents who came before them. To tell you the truth, I believe that it is still very early. Attend his arrival.”