Upcoming Presidential Election: Procedure To Elect The President Of The US

Upcoming Presidential Election: Procedure To Elect The President Of The US

They schedule the next presidential election of the United States for 3 November 2020, which will be the  59th four-year presidential election will be taking place this year. Election Day, the citizens of the United States of America will vote for their presidential candidates.

The electorates will vote for a new president and a vice president incoming on the 14th December 2020. They can also re-elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence, the office if they wish.

Also, there will be caucuses and primary presidential elections from February to August 2020. This explicit election includes a nominating process that allows voters to cast votes to select members of a political party’s nominating convention. The delegates select nominees for the posts of President and Vice-President from their parties.

The Republicans nominated Trump and Pence without serious opposition during the previous presidential elections, according to some random views. Few months ago, they elected Joe Biden over his competitor for the presidential race Senator Bernie Sanders.

Biden confirmed on 11 August 2020 that his fellow Senator Senator Kamala Harris will be his running mate and the potential Vice president. Thus, she was the first vice-presidential candidate in African America. Jo Jorgensen was nominated as a libertarian, and Spike Cohen was chosen as her leader. Howie Hawkins was nominated as Green and Angela Nicole was chosen as his co-worker.

The President’s 2020 winner will be announced on 20 January 2021. Trump was the oldest president in America’s history. If Biden wins, he is the older person, at 78, to be President of the United States of America. At 77, Trump became president of the US.

Procedure To Elect The President Of The US

Under Article 2 of the Constitution of the United States, the presidential candidate must, by birth, be a citizen of the United States. Moreover, he must be at least 35 years of age and has lived for at least 14 years in the United States.

The presidential candidates are typically looking to nominate one of the political parties. So each party has its own way of choosing a party leader ideal for presiding. The primary elections are typically an indirect election which allows voters to identify a lineup of representatives.

These delegates nominate a candidate for the next presidential election. The presidential nominee usually has the authorisation to choose a vice president. At the party convention, they ratify the vice president.

In November, the general election is also a kind of indirect vote for voters in a slate of members. These are named voters or electorates to elect the President and Vice-President. If no candidate gets the required 270 or more electoral votes, they shall elect the candidate with the greatest number of votes the president.

From the candidates with the 2 highest amounts, the Vice President is selected. In addition, the local elections, senate and the Chamber of Representatives, take place simultaneously.

Summing it up, this seems in simple term, the procedure to elect the president of the US.