Unified Communication: The Exciting and Essential Features

Unified Communication: The Exciting and Essential Features

Unified communications evolve with time. Some features are accepted, while others get discarded. When you look for the elements of UC, you will get a mix of both new and old characteristics that have proven to be effective for businesses.

Choosing unified communications solutions seems to be easy, but that it isn’t. Every business has its own needs of communication, and therefore, you have to carefully observe what features you get in the UC solution you choose for your business. If you wish to know some essential elements you should seek in a good UC solution, read this post carefully.

Why is the new UC better than the previous one?

Previously, businesses had to use different tools for calling, arranging conferences, and sending emails, fax and unified messages. It wasn’t entirely possible to get all these features in one service. However, the modification of UC has led to remarkable changes and has managed to put all such existing features into one reliable service. Scroll down to check out the top current features of unified communication services.

Features of UC Solutions

As several countries have adopted the remote working culture due to the pandemic, the need for unified communications has received a quick boost. To make hybrid working culture smooth and well-coordinated, the companies offering UC solutions have worked repeatedly on modifying its features to make it more compatible with the business needs of different industries. The all-new features of unified communication include the following.

  1. Real-time meeting transcriptions
    The fascinating AI-empowered transcription is an emerging feature of unified communication that automatically picks the highlights from a virtual meeting. It will be recorded and made a note of so that the employee can refer to it after the session completes. It will allow the employee to put all their attention in the conference instead of making notes.
  2. High audio quality
    Many employees do not wish to be a part of a video conference. However, they would like to listen to the audio. Therefore, the audio quality in any UC solution must be given importance. Even in an area where there is a lack of proper network, everyone must listen clearly and carefully.
  3. Chats and messages
    Users had to segregate files and messages before on a different platform while attending the conference. However, now you can integrate messaging, chats and documents in the workspace along with holding meetings.
  4. Screen sharing
    As employees work from home, screen sharing becomes an essential part of the UC to add ease and comfort. For instance, if there is a lack of understanding to operate a system, managers can share their screens with their subordinates to briefly explain.
  5. Ease in video conferencing
    Video and audio conferencing are held by organizations at least once a week. This feature has added convenience and brings in people from different places together in one place.
  6. Mute and voice suppression
    The UC solutions now come with voice suppression and muting features to eliminate any unnecessary sound and noises.
  7. Visual and video background
    The video background features add a touch of professionalism and help you to eliminate unnecessary clutter from your background.
  8. User-Friendly mobile applications
    UC offers excellent mobility and makes it super easy for everyone to manage both work and personal life simultaneously. You need not have to stick to one place for three long hours to attend a conference.

So, now that you have an awareness of the top and exciting features of unified communication solutions, how do you plan to include them in your business?