Turkey is making up violations in ethnic cleansing in Syria - US Vice-President
Turkey is making up violations in ethnic cleansing in Syria - US Vice-President

Turkey is making up violations in ethnic cleansing in Syria – US Vice-President

Nadine Maenza, who was appointed to the U.S. International Commission on Religious Freedom in 2018 by President Donald J. Trump and elected Vice President in 2019, has experienced severe human rights violations in areas controlled by Turkish military forces in northern Syria and that they are governed by the Turkish government.

The US International Commission on Religious Freedom, which was ‘supra-parliamentary and independent’ on Wednesday, June 10 in the USA, discussed religious freedom and human rights abuses in the region at a meeting with four experts following developments in Syria.

Turkey, along with members of the Free Syrian Army, three separate operations carried out in Afrin in northern Syria, Al Bab and Tel Abyad also took into areas controlled a vast territory.

Maenza, after the meeting in a special video interview with Ahval English, both in Turkey where Turkey’s check ‘of religious freedom has worsened and that continued to deteriorate,’ ‘he said. According to the Commission’s findings when Turkey occupied territory in Syria, he eliminates the freedom of religion in the soil and putting in place tough conditions.

When Turkey and supported by the strength of the Syrian occupation begins ‘before the killing of civilians’ or ‘was forced to flee’ said Maenza, these operations mostly take place in areas which exhibit religious diversity, Yezidis Christians among them, Kurds, said that Arab and other nations.

Pointing out that the inhabitants of these regions face very difficult conditions, Maenza noted that ‘women are covering their heads, turning to Islam for the Yazidis and other activities that can be considered ethnic cleansing’. Speaking at the Commission meeting, Maenza also said the experts documented these allegations.

Maenza, the work to be transferred to this area of ​​non-Syrians living in Turkey and northern Syria, he said demographic changes mean.

Reminding that the Genocide Observatory declared the events as ‘crime against humanity’, Meanza stated that the developments were followed closely.

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Genocide Watch Observatory, 9 report published in June in Turkey had brought very heavy accusations.

In the report, making the transfer of holding the population groups in the regions in Syria under the control of Turkey, ‘crime against humanity’ is expressed in the claim were committed, “Hundreds of civilians were executed and were kidnapped Yezidi women and slaves were made. Hundreds of Kurds in secret prisons tortured regularly” is called .

In response to the question of whether the violations in these regions could be beyond the control of the Turkish government, Maenza said that these violations were “managed by the Turkish government, and those wearing Turkish uniforms.”

Turkish generals also said recently visited the places where these violations occurred Maenza, adding that he already reject this claim of Turkey.

At the end of May, the Minister of National Defense and former Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar went to the Syrian border and made investigations.

Maenza, in the land which is dominated by Turkish forces in the Turkish Syrian territory of ‘forcing’ is taught and all of Turkey’s ‘clear and demographic change on an ongoing basis’, he said evidence that trying to do.

Northeast Syria and the pro-AKP Turkey’s Anadolu Agency to repair it in the church or living in the area where the accuracy of the news that it had made improvements in religious freedom were told not been confirmed by the communities in the media.

“The Turkish occupation was not greeted with gratitude by the inhabitants of the region,” said Maenza, after saying that the rhetoric that the Turkish soldier extended freedoms was “not heard” from the religious communities living there.