Troy Aikman expresses his desire to have been announcing today's Cowboys-49ers game.

Troy Aikman expresses his desire to have been announcing today’s Cowboys-49ers game.

During Bucs-Eagles, the former Cowboys quarterback, who was a key figure in the three meetings between these teams in the 1990s, made a strong statement about where he’d like to be now.

Wish you could have been at AT&T Stadium this afternoon to see the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers resume their rivalry?

Troy Aikman feels the same way.

In three encounters with the 49ers in the 1990s, the former Cowboys star was essential, helping Dallas to two wins in the rivalry and three Super Bowl titles in four years.

Much of the same was expressed by Aikman earlier this week in our one-on-one with the Cowboys icon.

“Well, that just seems strange,” Aikman explained. “I’m not sure… I thought Fox had the NFC package, so it’s a bit surprising. I had hoped that ESPN, NBC, or someone else would get the Cowboys, but I never anticipated it would be a CBS game.”

Cowboys-Niners, according to Aikman, will be a tremendous game. As a result, he wanted to call the game just for that reason. However, when you consider his position in this rivalry, his urge to call the game became more stronger.

“It’s going to be a tremendous game,” Aikman said. “From that standpoint, it would’ve been amazing to call it.” “But then I think it stings a little bit more because of the Cowboys’ history with San Francisco, and the fact that I was a part of some of those games.”

In order for Aikman to earn another Cowboys broadcast in the playoffs this year, the Cowboys must win on Sunday against the 49ers.