Trendy bags of this season

Trendy bags of this season

Choosing a bag that will fit the clothes, be trendy, and will be liked by you is not an easy task, so we have compiled an overview of the most fashionable models of this season. We are sure, you will definitely appreciate at least a couple of them and will know what to pay attention to in the shop next time. Our article contains all the most desirable models: from roomy oversize shoppers, which will fit everything you need to trendy little ones.

In this season, we slowly moved away from impractical options and returned to the origins — tote models that will fit everything you need. Besides that, we are also expecting a new wave of popularity of refined and feminine oval ones and mini-bags, which are perfect for evening looks, as for everyday life. We will not forget about the laconic and restrained leather bags and bright neon models that catch the eye and are noticeable from afar. Of course, spring plays a role in the popularity of extraordinary accessories: with the coming of heat, we always pay attention to bright colors, unique shapes and unusual materials.

So, now let’s come up with the models.

Fashionable square bags

Looking for something fashionable, pay attention to the bags of  a square form, made in a solid variant. It can be bags-suitcases and bags-chests that are so popular with fashionistas from all over the world nowadays. Looking through outfits in different styles, you can find that square bags can perfectly complete them: suitcase bags and chests are perfectly matched with casual, business and street styles. This accessory can be created from different textures: metallized leather, reptile, as well as with various kinds of finishes and in an unusual design. Such amazing and unique square handbags look very elegant and neat, making the outfit attractive and individual.

Semicircular and oval bags

A real hit among the shapes of bugs will be round models, as well as semicircular, oval and rounded ones. The sizes of bags in a round shape can vary – from large to tiny.

Moreover, you can find this model with various prints and in fashionable color shades – dark, light, bright and  multicolor, with calm or unusual prints – the choice is yours!

Round models of small sizes can be carried over the shoulder, and large ones will look great in the hand. A round-shaped bag can also be in retro style, and you can also find futuristic models of a round bag with different decor in the form of spikes, appliques, metal elements.

Fashionable trapezoidal shapes or tote bags that look very elegant in all looks can rightfully be considered as one of the most convenient variations of a woman’s bag in this season .

The convenient shape of the tote bag, the comfortable length of the handles, the presence of pockets for small things and, most importantly, the capacity turned the tote  into an indispensable “must have” for every fashionista, especially business office ladies.

Charming trapezoidal tote bags are able to fit as different trinkets as important documents. In addition, this model can perfectly complement stiletto shoes, ballet flats and oxford.

The color shades of the tote bag are various:  from calm gray, brown, chocolate, cream tones, to attractive red, blue, pink, emerald.

Rectangular bags

Do you want to make feminine and elegant look for a special evening, or a cocktail party, a walk or a romantic dinner? Then a rectangular bag in a fashionable solution will perfectly fit your ideas. Rectangular model made of perforated materials, with stylish quilted “diamonds” on the surface  will be the hit of the season. It can be a trendy bag in delicate pastel shades of pink and blue, a white or black one, it can also be complemented by stylish clasps and finishes, which give the handbag elegance and individuality. Designers suggest wearing rectangular bags on the shoulder or in the hand. Models on a thin strap or chain give additional sophistication to the outfits.

Mini bags

A small handbag is a universal option for all times. It will fit perfectly into both an office look and a bold color image. Moreover, such a handbag will make an excellent company for an evening dress or a casual outfit. By the way, a bright accent bag will make the look more spectacular. Moreover, such an accessory will definitely be in handy in the wardrobe, because it will be a great addition not only to monochrome looks, but also to colorful outfits. A brown bag will become a great companion to a modern lady – it is practical and looks so expressive. Models in gold or silver are very practical too, because they can be used both in amazing evening looks and in everyday outfits.

So, we hope that you find something useful for yourself from this article. Have a good time shopping!