Top Reasons Why Guided Selling Software is Ideal for Your Sales Toolkit

Top Reasons Why Guided Selling Software is Ideal for Your Sales Toolkit

What comes to your mind when you think about Guided selling? What is a CRM? What content management tools are available? Coaching and refresher training? Most people are familiar with the most common factors. Unfortunately, these sales tools often focus on the representative.

However, representatives are just one aspect of the equation. Your customers are the other critical part. If you fail to win their trust, then you won’t sell. Guided selling is the answer. Guided selling software balances customer experience with sales representative experience, creating a win-win situation for both.

Guided Selling Software Benefits

Guided selling software is not just for sales representatives. Both your customers and representatives will benefit from it. Here’s how.

●   Consistent Experience

Consistency is key when a sales representative interacts with multiple stakeholders. Your reputation and customer confidence will be damaged if you have inconsistent interactions with your team. Guided selling software can ensure that every stakeholder has a consistent experience.

  • Keep up-to-date

Information changes quickly in sales. There are many things to keep track of, such as new product launches and changes in pricing and availability. Customers and representatives have easy access to current product or service offerings, specifications, pricing, and other resources. Sales representatives can benefit from guided selling software. It is a great tool to support their training.

  • Personal Recommendations

Guided selling software generates a recommendation for the customer. This recommendation is dynamically generated. Behind the scenes, an algorithm weighs customer inputs to create the best solution, whether products, services, or other options. The customer’s responses are summarized, and the recommendation shows how the solution addresses the customer’s needs.

The sales representatives can modify and refine the recommendation if the customer gives feedback. If the recommendation has been finalized, the sales representatives can email a summary to the customer. Customers benefit from transparency regarding why certain products or services were chosen. Customers no longer feel like representatives are pushing products or services to get quotes, but instead, they see their best interests.

●   Mobile and digital presentations

Selling software that guides you makes it easier. All content is digitized and accessible on mobile devices. This applies to the presentation and recommendation tools and collateral and reference materials. Sales representatives can save time by not having to search for brochures or catalogues in print or having to create another PowerPoint deck. All of the information is contained in a single digital resource. Finally, sales representatives can pick up their phone or tablet and start working.

Final Thoughts: Include guided selling software in your sales toolkit

Both customers and sales representatives feel empowered and supported by guided selling software. Guided selling doesn’t add to the complexity or undermine your other sales strategies. Instead, it complements and enhances other sales initiatives like training. Guided selling software should not be overlooked. Make sure to integrate it into your sales toolkit. Both your customers and reps will benefit.