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Top Internet Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond encourages Everyone to get online via

The stories of how Fernando Raymond grew his personal brands into world-class businesses are not hard to find. Simply search for his name on Google and it brings up a plethora of different entrepreneurial success stories.

Now, you must be wondering who Fernando Raymond is and how and why he encourages people to get their businesses online? 

Fernando Raymond is the founder of SeekaHost, a leading web hosting services company and ClickDo digital agency, both based in London. He was born in Sri Lanka, and now lives in the UK’s capital London where he is inspired by a growing community of tech entrepreneurs in Canary Wharf.

He is a renowned digital entrepreneur, notable for his digital marketing agency ClickDo, which is a London-based SEO Agency with a great portfolio that encompasses the most bespoke SEO techniques, helping its clients to rank for the toughest keywords on search engines. ClickDo has just recently won the SME award for “most innovative SEO consultancy in London 2021” and can be found among the three best marketing agencies in London by Three Best Rated. 

How and Why Fernando Raymond encourages Everyone to get online via

SeekaHost offers the most affordable and reliable web hosting services in the market. And you get extensive resources to help you master the art of building successful businesses. Plus, access to a dedicated portal to manage all your web hosting needs via

And the best part of using the SeekaHost,app dedicated portal is that you get access to SeekaPanel, which is perhaps the most innovative control panel for WordPress hosting, making it easy and fast to manage all your sites, with all-in-one access to premium functionalities such as domain name registration and hosting in under five minutes.

SeekaPanel is a comprehensive WordPress hosting dashboard envisioned by Fernando Raymond after years of experience in SEO consulting in London. He designed and crafted the software development with head web designer Kasun Sameera to build the best hosting software tool, with all-in-one functionalities and features to host and manage a business website, blog, or even private blog network (PBN) using a straightforward interface.

It is the ideal tool for bloggers, business owners, and freelancers, who are looking to host and manage several sites fast in one place for convenience. Fernando is on a mission to get millions of people online with the SeekaPanel because he has experienced firsthand how valuable a website or blog is today. He believes that everyone can monetize a web property or utilize it for their own success. Fernando is convinced that every individual will need at least an online portfolio to showcase their own skills and career journey, but he encourages everyone to follow their dreams with their website. 

How to Easily Get Online using the SeekaPanel WordPress Hosting Manager?

To get started with the SeekaPanel WordPress Hosting Control Panel, you must first visit and signup for a new account. If you do not have a website yet, you should find and buy a domain name at

After successfully signing up for an account, log in to your account and search/register a domain name for your website or blog. 

If you already have a domain with a different registrar, you can transfer it to SeekaHost, simply contact their support team in the live chat. Then proceed to choosing a WordPress Blog hosting plan at that is suitable for your requirements. You can quickly pay for it and get it live in under 60 seconds.  

Once your website is up, it is time to start building your website or blog to get on track with your blogging journey. If you’re a newbie in the field of WordPress web design and blogging, you can check out the SeekaHost YouTube channel with a multitude of video tutorials covering everything about the easy use of the SeekaPanel to building a successful WordPress website. 

Now, because Fernando understands how important SEO is for making a website a commercial success that generates an income, he has created several SEO online courses at the SeekaHost University that you can access for free to improve your website’s ranks. 

To never lose track of the performance of your website on search engines you find analytics tool functions inside the SeekaPanel. Simply add your Google Analytics or Clicky account and track the live traffic.

Don’t waste any more time and get online today in less than 5 minutes with the SeekaPanel.