Top Hidden Features of Firefox Browser

Top Hidden Features of Firefox Browser

Most of us treat our browsers for only what they can help us do. That is, browse the internet. We don’t even switch to a new browser and stick to using the one that comes with our operating systems. About 70% of the population in the world uses Chrome and the rest use browsers like Safari and Firefox. But, we forget that putting our streaming eggs in one browser’s basket can harm our data and cause behavior data leaks easily. So what makes Firefox unique? And why are we recommending that you use it with your other browsers? It’s definitely faster, more reliable, and robust as compared to other browsers out there and we will look at the answer in detail below where we uncover some of the best Firefox settings to aid secure browsing and ease of use.

Top 10 Best Firefox Hidden Settings:

A Primary Password:

Do you know what we think is one of the most secure and best Firefox settings? It’s the ability to set a master password that can protect your other passwords stored in the browser. This can keep your information protected when you share your computer with someone else.

You can set your master password by going to Menu>Options>Privacy & Security> Check the box next to “use a master password”. You can enable/disable your password from here and even update it.

Pedal That Speed

You may feel like your Firefox browser is a little sluggish as compared to others. But, don’t worry, you can easily speed up the performance by using the “hardware acceleration option”. Simply go to about:prefrences> General> Performance. You will have to uncheck the “Use Recommended Performance” option and check the “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available” option.

If you’re still asking what are the advantages of Mozilla Firefox? Read on.

Screen Grab

Now, this is one of the best Firefox hidden settings because we no longer have to use that Windows pesky snippet tool. Do you know why? Because Firefox has its own in-built screen grab feature. You can simply right-click on the page and take a screenshot or accessing the Page Actions in the location bar. You will be able to capture whatever is on display on the web page.

Simply use the cursor to capture a scrolling image or a part of the web page. Whatever you end up grabbing will be added to the clipboard or made downloadable as a PNG file. You will be able to highlight and annotate the grabbed image easily.

Manage Your Passwords Effectively

By now you know the answer to how do I use Firefox like a pro? Also, if you, like us, get super frustrated with the number of different passwords for different websites to remember, Firefox Lockwise is an excellent option. It will store all your passwords on the web browser and transfer them to an Android or iOS device without any hassle.

Add an Extra Layer of Security

Firefox is a pretty secure browser on its own but it’s natural for you to be worried about your browsing data and other crucial information getting hacked. You can use VeePN’s VPN Firefox Addon that will enable you with secure access to the web and discourage hackers and cyber attackers. You can download the free trial online and experience the difference before you make a purchase decision.

The Infamous Porn Filter

Here is what makes this browser so unique. It will never ever show these sites in your search history or on your home tab. Talk about being saved by our technology, huh? Even though you can set up a VPN on Firefox to browse adult sites. The browser itself doesn’t let these sites show up when you will type a related query in your search bar.

Busy? Mark for Later With Pocket

Did you know that Pocket is actually owned by Mozilla too? It’s a save now, read later app. So if you are busy and come across something that you would definitely want to read or watch later, you can simply send it to your Pocket and read it on your mobile or tablet later. Yes, it’s as easy as that my friend.

Tweak The Settings Yourself

Are you a coder? Awesome, you can use the secret tweaking interface to code in your specific browser settings any time. Simply type about: config and ignore the security warnings (at your own risk and when you really know what you are doing) and you will enter the coding interface of your browser. You can look at online tutorials focusing on the best Firefox settings and then configure the browser according to your unique requirements.

No mouse? No problem

The Firefox browser is not at all dependent on your mouse for the scrolling. You can simply scroll down by using the spacebar and scroll up using the Shift button and the spacebar. Nifty right? It’s small but one of the most useful Firefox hidden settings for you to use.

Share Share Share

See that new flying paper plane icon on the top of your browser? Well, that’s your new share option right there. It allows you to share any webpage on social media through that one button. You need no extra add-ons to achieve this. All you need to make sure is that you are already logged in to the accounts you are sharing on and then it’s super easy to share any piece of information on any social media site through your browser directly.

There you have it, Firefox has some amazing settings that make it the natural choice for browsing. You may be a regular user of another browser but if you try the amount of control and power this browser gives you with Firefox hidden settings, you won’t ever think of using another browser.

In the meantime, it is always best to set up a VPN Plugin for Firefox and ensure that your browsing and your online activities are secure from the prying eyes of hackers and cyber-attacks.