Keep Cladding Clean

Top Benefits of Using Wall Panel and Facade Cladding Adhesives

If you’re planning on constructing a new home, you may want to consider using a wall panel and facade cladding adhesive. These adhesives are generally water-resistant and helpful for exterior cladding and preventing mold. Water-resistant adhesives are recommended over other types of adhesives for these purposes. They are easy to install and require little maintenance. They’re also fire-resistant, which makes them an excellent choice for exterior home cladding.

Easy installation

During the installation of the PanelTack System of Wall Panel and Façade Cladding Adhesives, always remember to clean the back of the panels thoroughly. If the panels are glossy, you may need to sand the edges to remove any remaining sheen lightly. The adhesives come with instructions to help you prepare the surfaces properly. Make sure to clean the surface with rubbing alcohol in a well-ventilated area and follow instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Consider using double-sided tape for an easy way to install wall panels and facade cladding. This product is ideal for composite panels, and its superior moisture resistance, easy installation, and durability make it a popular choice for many builders. 

Aside from ensuring that your panels stay in place, easy installation of the wall panel and facade cladding is a breeze with this product. The adhesives can be mixed with the adhesive you use for your facade and then applied to the facade. Once installed, you’ll be happy with the results. It won’t take long to get the facade looking great. Just follow these steps. Then, you’ll be all set for installation.

Low maintenance

Wall panel and facade cladding adhesives provide low-maintenance alternatives to painted or papered walls. As an alternative to paint, wall panels are resilient to impact and wear so that they can go for years without repair. Additionally, they can help protect the structural elements of your home from the effects of weather, which can significantly reduce your overall maintenance cost. Read on to discover how wall panel and facade cladding adhesives can benefit your next project.

In addition to providing visual appeal, wall cladding can help increase the mechanical strength and protect the underlying structure. It also prevents cracks, enhances structural strength, and protects against humidity, temperature, rain, and other adverse climatic conditions. In addition, they can reduce sound, prevent cracks, and reduce pollution. Low maintenance means more savings for you.

Fire resistance

The fire resistance of wall panels and facade cladding is essential in building construction. While conventional adhesives may last for several years, many fail due to their poor performance. In some cases, the adhesives fail due to their poor performance in fire tests. For example, adhesives that adhere poorly to wood have been proven to fail in a fire test. Therefore, adhesives for wood-based materials are necessary.


Selecting the correct type of adhesive for a wall panel is a challenge. There are many different wall panel adhesives, and you need to choose one that will meet your specific requirements. In addition, the adhesive must be both strong and durable. You can find adhesive kits that contain everything you need to complete the installation. Here are some of the factors you should consider when selecting an adhesive for a wall panel.

Adhesives are an essential consideration for facade and wall panels. If a material is too weak or too stiff, it will become weakened and could eventually break down. Fortunately, there are some excellent adhesives on the market to meet the needs of most construction projects. Lord Structural Adhesives offer enhanced aesthetics, improved throughput, and cost savings. They are beneficial for facade and cladding applications and can be used on various substrates.

The durability of the wall panel and facade cladding adhesive systems can be increased by selecting a suitable material. A strong adhesive can withstand the weight and pressure of the panels. A thick adhesive can be used on wood and requires more work, so choose the right one. Choose a material that is resistant to water and UV rays. If you want the durability of your panel to last, you should go for a high bond double-sided tape.

The durability of the wall panel and facade cladding adhesive systems is crucial for the success of an exterior wall panel. Besides durability, exterior cladding also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the building. Aside from aesthetics, exterior wall assemblies must meet code requirements for fire and moisture management.