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Top 7 Mobile App Development Companies in California

The advancements in electronic science and mobile technology have introduced marvelous transformations in the domain of telecommunication devices. The invention of the Android architecture by Apple in the year 2007 has revolutionized mobile phones forever. Smartphones are now turning into a dire necessity rather than a casual style statement. The general way of life is revealing the signs of dependence on these smartphones. Thus, these phones are used for playing games and watching YouTube videos. The app stores also provide the users with the latest apps that offer a wide range of real-life uses. One can consult any leading Mobile App Development Company California to build reliable and robust mobile apps for your business.        

California houses several tech start-ups which, if counted, can account for thousands including hundreds of mobile app firms. Hence, people who are seeking a trustworthy firm might find it hard to come. This content includes the top 7 mobile app development companies present in California. The mobile app developers in California aim to offer high-performance apps with a more robust and engaging user base. 

The Best 7 Mobile App Development Companies in California

There are several app development companies available around the World at present. But only a select few get to experience the bright light of fame and glory in the business. Given below are some of the mobile app development firms to have received acclamations and awards from prestigious sources. 

1. CMARIX Technolabs

CMARIX Technolabs aims to offer custom-tailored app solutions to meet the needs of their clients. The company is known to be awarded with The Software development company of the Year 2019 award by GESIA, NASSCOM certified partners, C10 Reviews’ 10 Most Promising Mobile Apps Companies 2018 Award, Top Mobile App Development Company In India, and Top Mobile App Clutch Developers 2020 award.

The app developers at CMARIX carry the appropriate skill sets to help customers choose from multiple options to obtain the proper result. With 85% customer retention rates on Android or iOS platforms, CMARIX deals with over 400+  projects on multiple domains.

  • iOS App Development
    The app developers working for CMARIX Technolabs from California aim to deliver the best iOS app designs for business. The group of skilled and dedicated developers considers the concepts and assists in the development of a decent working app. CMARIX also makes sure that a customizable end-to-end service option remains accessible for every individual client across several devices including iPads, iPhones, etc.
  • Android App Development
    The professional app developers in CMARIX carry the necessary skills and experience to contribute to the app development firm. They help to design apps that are backed by innovation for users to remain engaged for prolonged periods. CMARIX also offers the best charges on creative Android app development and enterprise solutions. CMARIX prioritizes customer satiety and they strive for user contentment when they engage with them.

2. Appstem

Appstem aims to solve complicated business issues with presentable digital solutions. Through adequate focus, unconditional devotion, seamless agility and swift deliverability; Appstem aims to satisfy their customers to their heart’s content. They hope to develop purpose-driven apps that can help people in their lives. Through measurable strategies, effective improvements and human-priority constructs; Appstem hopes to serve their community and the World at large. Situated in San Francisco, California, Appstem has been involved in the mobile app development business for the last 9 years. 

Appstem has been successful in delivering more than 300 applications to their clients which comprises popular brands like Intel, Zen Desk, Enterprise and Tesla among many others. The uniqueness of Appstem lies in its methodology toward agile development. Appstem is renowned for its swift responsiveness toward customer needs within a short time span. Their workforce is as efficient as flexible and their clients are pleased to be a part of them.   

3. ArcTouch

Located in San Diego, California, one of the best Mobile App Development firms ArcTouch has over 10 years of experience with 200-plus employees. ArcTouch expertizes in the pursuit of agile methodology, strategy implementation, optimization techniques, design and development. ArcTouch began its journey as iPhone app developers more than a decade ago. Now, ArcTouch provides full services in the development of customer-centric software over multiple connectivity options. 

They aim to deal with the complete product from its beginning to its end. ArcTouch follows customer concepts and priorities as they undergo user and market research. Proof of Concept is the recognition of a concept or idea that can express its viability. Through PoC (proof of concept) and swift innovation workshops, they aim to turn a rugged concept into a vivid reality. ArcTouch was successful in gaining the trust of their clients through the potential apps that they created for them. They are known to serve inspirational start-up firms, several Fortune 500 companies and globally acclaimed brand names. 

4. Mokriya

Established in the year 2010, the two-entrepreneurial firm Mokriya has spread across 4 continents with over 100 employees. Mokriya considers themselves as California’s software product consultants. They aim to offer one-of-a-kind problem-solving techniques with swift delivery solutions through enthralling experiences. Mokriya provides a wide range of services from ideation to visual design, vast data and analysis, innovation, market research, market structure, experimentation, validation, among many others. 

Mokriya also covers AR and VR services, artificial intelligence and chatbots with their focus on application and mobile (Android, ReactNative, iOS) development. Mokriya follows a client-centric approach and ensures the success of their clients to strengthen their partnership with them. Their applications are designed to move into innovation by breaking beyond the normal boundaries in app development. Mokriya owns complete ownership of its services with assured intelligent results.   

5. Ramotion

Founded in the year 2009, this San-Francisco headquartered firm was able to successfully complete over 200 projects. These assignments also included mobile and web applications along with solutions for full-stack enterprises. They deal with UI and UX designs and design systems, web design and branding. Ramotion aims to improve Firefox and establish choreography guidelines for user interfaces. They aim to upgrade self-service by about 30 percent. Ramotion has designed the website that belongs to Mozilla Labs. As an app development agency, they use popular programming languages like ReactJS, Swift and Kotlin to develop some of the best and unique apps for their customers. Their applications have been used to make designs and brands for giant tech hubs from Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area and New York. 

Ramotion deals with the front-end architecture and the back-end architecture. The front-end architecture comprises requirement acquisition, UI design, implementation of business logic, third-party integration, POC and rapid prototyping. Proof of Concept or POC is the recognition of a particular idea or method that proves its practicality. The back-end design includes database architecture, design and development of API or Application Programming Interface, constant integration, microservices and DevOps. The term DevOps stands for “development” and “operations”.  Microservices or microservice architecture is a design that provides formation to an application as a service collection.

6. CitrusBits

Established in the year 2005, as one of the leading mobile app development firms, CitrusBits experts specialize in multiple fields. Hence, whether the requirement stands for rising technology enterprises or custom-tailored designs for customers, CitrusBits provides experts who function effortlessly in all the fields. The uniqueness of CitrusBits lies in the speed and precision of their project execution and delivery.

CitrusBits is known to carry several awards under its professional belt. They include the Winner of BMA 2017, W3 Gold Winner 2018, Top App Developer of Clutch Los Angeles 2018 Award, Muse Creative Awards Platinum Winner 2018 and the 26th Annual Mobile Excellence Communicator Award. CitrusBits specializes in the smartphone app category including essential healthcare apps and delicious restaurant apps. They also handle digitization strategies and work in augmented reality development.

7. Impekable

Impekable came into existence in the year 2012 and specializes in mobile app development and UX/UI design. Impekable is also designing the involved procedures behind the current emerging technologies. The apps and software packages of Impekable have spearheaded their clients before the global spotlight. They have also earned many awards and recognitions across several renowned publications. Some of them include the MUSE Creative Awards, MUSE Platinum Winner (2019, 2020 and Retail Website), and MUSE Golden Winner. 

Although the team consists of a small number of employees yet, their out-of-the-box creative tactics have brought the firm to popularity. Impekable’s customers are software industry giants like Hewlett Packard (HP), Google and Accenture. Some of Impekable’s partners include Twilio and Adobe. The Twilio Owl Air, for instance, uses SDK or Software Development Kits and the Twilio Voice API for call embedment that can improve business to a higher level.

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There are many Mobile App Development Companies available that aim to cater to the needs of their clients. Their skillsets coupled with various app technologies knowledge enable them to design and develop unique applications for their customers. 

CMARIX Technolabs provides some of the best mobile app solutions for its customers.