Top 5+ Manhua Websites for Beginners in 2021

Manhua is a comic-reading platform like Manga and Manhwa but Manhua is from China and has an English translation. If you are a fan of anime then you should not ignore this platform. Manhua is frequently based on Chinese legends or recent novels. The following article provides the 5 best manhua sets to read, particularly for beginners.

1.            The Legend of the Knight
The Legend of the Sun Knight is created by Yu Wo and is an epic novel updates series about a war for supremacy between several kingdoms. This light novel is also not available in English. The plot revolves around the well-protected character Forgotten Sound.
The plot begins with an internal conspiracy, with the Forgotten Sound royals attempting to convict Grisia of murder, which he did not commit. Those who normally enjoy fantasy manga series will find the series appealing.

  1. The Prince
    The Prince is another work by Yu Wo. The main character in the light novel is a girl named Feng Lan. She joins a game to represent a male character named Prince and to prove to her brother that she can be the best player. Please read and experience the confrontation between the two Feng Lanbrothers.The best manhua you should read.

3.            The Ravages of Time
Ravages of Time is a Hong Kong manhua series written by Chan Mou. It has a similar realistic art style to many other manhuas. The novel also provides insight into the Chinese cultural and military mindset. It is one of the most famous manhua in the world, but it has yet to reach an English-speaking audience. Ravages of Time can be found on websites such as Yes Asia, but only in Chinese.

4.            Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber is a film adaptation of the original manhwa, which were published in the early 1960s. Unlike the previous novels, this one has an English translation, which you can find on Amazon. Wuji Chang, a man who practices martial arts, is the protagonist of the novel. Its art style is also extremely detailed and lifelike.

5.            Dragon Hero
Dragon Hero was created by Ma Wing-Shing and is one of the most influential manhwa series in the industry. Mirroring the popular kung fu and martial arts movies when the series was created in the 80s, the premise sees Hero trying to avenge his parents and reclaim a lost treasure. Due to its popularity, China Heroes is available through Amazon, allowing international readers to peruse the series that helped put manhua on the map.

The article has provided the reader with the best 5 Manhua websites to read. Hope this article helps you and you can find a novel that suits your style.

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