Top 5 Fashion Trends That Will Make an Impact in the 2021 Fall-Winter Season

Top 5 Fashion Trends That Will Make an Impact in the 2021 Fall-Winter Season

There’s a lot to say about this year’s fall-winter trends, but one thing is for sure – they were designed to brighten people’s spirits. Fashion designers were quick to respond to the changes in our environment, stitching prototypes from fabric swatches and experimenting with digital runways. As we witness the colorful and daring concepts that have graced the recent runways, we can’t help but notice that this aggressive enthusiasm will continue to drive the fashion world. And our winter clothes appear to be anything but grim or pessimistic.

Allow these vibrant hues, eye-catching patterns, vintage-inspired comebacks, and more to serve as the ideal excuse to get out of the house, even if it’s just to get a cup of coffee and drink it on a bench in the nearest park. With so many interesting alternatives to choose from, you will be faced with a geta challenge: which ones to introduce into your wardrobe? 

Geometric prints

Geometric patterns with bright colors and forms can quickly brighten up your winter outfit. With black jackets being a mainstay for the colder months, as they were for years in a row, 2021 dares you to consider mixing in a bright item with a geometric pattern. For the bold ones, mixing and combining prints will earn them some extra styling points.

How to add geometric prints into your wardrobe? Nothing easier. A flowing maxi dress with a geometric print and some intricate details can be easily paired with a pair of ankle boots for early fall and transitioned into winter by adding knee-high boots and leather gloves (another trend on this list).

A classic knotted blouse draped around the neck feels so clean, but if there’s a geometric print on it, the cleanness easily turns into boldness. Such a blouse can be paired with classic suit pants for work and a leather skirt and knee-high boots for dinner out with your friends. 

Bold colors clashing 

Traditional fashion norms are being questioned this season, as both our Instagram feeds and the runways are working to assure us that mixing rich colors isn’t as forbidden as we were made to believe. The possibilities are infinite with pink and vibrant orange, purple and sunny yellow, green and azure blue. It’s been a difficult year, and sprucing up your clothing is a simple way to inject some color into your life.

How to style it? Well, this year, the saying “orange is the new black” can take on a new meaning. Ditch your black-on-black layers and replace them with vivid tones. A bright hue orange blouse, for example, can put a smile on your face all year, not just during spring and summer. Pair it with a red skirt for the ultimate touch of boldness. 

Bold-colored suit pants are yet another way to pull this trend, especially if you mix it with hot pink, bright blue, or a daring neon orange blouse. Worried it’s going to be too much? The grim colors of fall and winter will definitely serve as good contrast. 

Lingerie on the streets

Clothing brands have blurred the borders between loungewear and “outside” clothing in recent years, making the nap dress, sweatpants and other hybrid items acceptable for wearing when you are out and about. From slip skirts and bloomers to lacy camisoles, lingerie-inspired products are now making their way into street attire. Wow everyone at an evening event with a silk slip over some lacy pants and embrace the concept that sleepwear is no longer only for the bedroom.

And it’s not just lingerie that makes a daring entry into streetwear, but loungewear pieces as well. The silk pants you’ve been wearing around the house can be paired with a knitted sold sweater and a pair of ankle boots for your next brunch with the girls. So, next time you are shopping for soft pajamas for women, consider if you can include those pieces in your everyday going-out wardrobe as well. 

Double bottoms

Designers recommending us to wear our favorite skirts with fitted trousers may seem odd, but we think they may be onto something here. We were convinced after seeing the trend on the runways, street style stars, and celebrity photos, and we hope you will be as well. Flare pants offer length to your physique with their extra length and, with this simple fashion hack, you got yourself a new way to wear your skirts and dresses all year round.

If you’re searching for a dress silhouette that will work with your pants, a shift dress is a fantastic place to start. On warmer days, we’d combine it with loose jeans, fit-and-flare pants, or even a cropped pair of trousers.

Pair the dress with high heels and flared pants – fit at the hips and flare at the bottom – to elongate your legs and channel the aesthetic of the 60s. Of course, with a modern touch of accessories. 


The term après-ski seems to be challenged a lot this season. Ski gear is seen worn before, during, after, and even if you never hit the slopes. This is an over-the-top play on the athleisure and athflow trends that integrates the thrilling sport into your everyday life. Oversized puffer coats, matching snow leggings, goggles, and patterned knits will keep you warm during winter and make sure you don’t compromise on style either.

A pair of ski goggles that will shield your eyes from cold conditions and the bright snow is a great place to start if you don’t feel like including puffer coats into your daily outfits just yet. The good thing about this trend is that it lest the instant cool factor come into play by breaking the boundaries.

Maximalist sweaters, inspired by après-ski wear, have made their way into our everyday wardrobe for quite some time now, but 2021 is the year you should give in to this trend. After all, anything that evokes the same feeling as a warm hug deserves to be kept in our closets and worn not just during family ski trips.