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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Picking Car Accident Lawyers

The CDC reports that car accident injuries and deaths cost Americans over $75 billion in 2017 alone.

No matter where you live, the chances are good that you or a loved one has suffered car accident injuries. Considering the costs of medical bills by themselves can skyrocket, attorneys often become necessary.

If you’re reading this article, this may be your first experience picking car accident lawyers. A decision this crucial after a traumatizing event means that you need simple, trusted advice.

Continue reading to know your options for lawyers and how to choose the right one for your case!

1. Communication Style

Dealing with a car accident case involves an overwhelming amount of communication at times. Emails to an insurance company alone can become an annoying daily task.

When you hire a lawyer, you may expect that individual to communicate with you directly. However, paralegals may respond to keep up with these rules published by the American Bar Association. While this is normal, you should ask if you want a different level of attention.

2. Experience

Hiring a personal injury attorney is great, but hiring one that has experience with auto accidents is better.

Ask your attorney directly during a consultation about how many situations like yours they’ve handled. If you feel confident with their answers, you may have found the ablest legal counsel for your car accident case.

This blog represents an excellent example of a business that knows how to give confidence in its experience.

3. Referrals from Other Lawyers

When an attorney knows they’re at a disadvantage, they have a professional obligation to provide a referral.

Ask prospective law firms about how many times they have other lawyers send them cases. Someone who gets a significant number of their clients this way has something that others don’t. If you wind up going to trial, you will want this expertise on your side.

4. Fee Structure

You may have heard people refer to a “no win, no fee” attorney in the past. While this may sound ideal, it’s worth your time to dig a little deeper into the details.

As you’re comparing lawyer fees, give yourself some time to understand each scenario. State laws may or may not prevent a significant legal bill if you don’t reach a settlement or win in court.

5. Excellent Reputation

Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of resources available to investigate an attorney’s reputation. Between review sites and state bar associations, you can get a good sense of a firm’s achievements and failures.

Need More Advice About Picking Car Accident Lawyers?

Now that you have five considerations beyond references and reviews, do you want more help picking car accident lawyers?

Start talking to your friends, family, and co-workers and seek out trusted advice. Additionally, continue reading more about your options until you have a list of questions that will give you confidence.

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