Top 5 Best Countries To Visit in a Post Pandemic World

It’s time for a vacation. We’re with you!

It’s been a scary time for all of us during this pandemic, but as life begins to go back to normal (all be it slowly), people are understandably getting itchy feet.

But how do you travel safely in this new world? What are the safest post pandemic vacations?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this post, we will show you the top5 best countries to visit post pandemic!

1. Iceland

Many may not think of Iceland as a popular tourist destination, and this is true. However, their low population (about 300,000) makes for few travelers and very little risk of contracting an illness.

They may not be as touristy as Mexico, but Iceland has a great blend of nature and culture that cannot be overlooked.

Whether you want to enjoy the natural hot springs or explore glaciers and volcanoes, there is something for everyone in Iceland.

It will be easy to make friends since most locals speak English and they like Americans. That’s what makes Iceland one of the top travel destinations.

2. Morocco

Another option that may come as a surprise to some is Morocco. It is less likely to get infected with the virus because of its geographical location.

It is also known for its adventure tourism, which includes colorful markets and beautiful mosques.

Traveling alone or with your significant other would be a safe bet considering the country’s generally relaxed attitude toward foreigners.

3. Indonesia

Many people are afraid to visit developing countries because of their poor healthcare facilities. However, this is not an issue in Indonesia if you are only visiting major cities or touristy areas.

Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and many other Indonesian cities are modern and wealthy, so unless you plan on going trekking in the jungle or other isolated areas, there is less risk of contracting an illness.

Also, Indonesia has a lot to offer: from beautiful beaches and temples to delicious food and great nightlife, it’s sure to be an unforgettable trip.

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4. Mexico

Likely to be the most popular option for post-pandemic tourism, Mexico is not only beautiful, but you are highly unlikely to get sick. Many Americans visit Cancun, but there are other options in Mexico, including Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and Acapulco.

You can stay in all-inclusive resorts or experience the more traditional side of Mexico in the cities. Since most people speak English, it would be easy to make friends.

Also, you can choose where and how much sunbathing (or swimming) you do since many areas aren’t as hot and humid as other countries.

5. Japan

The safest and best places to travel is Japan. Their advanced level of technology and strong healthcare system is unparalleled. Also, you are unlikely to get sick due to the country’s isolation geographically and culturally.

Although many people speak English there, it would be easy to find others who share your language or cultural background since there are few immigrants in Japan.

You can enjoy world-class dining and nightlife, experience nature and culture at the same time, and have a generally safe trip.

Want to Learn About More Countries to Visit?

Individuals looking for countries to visit should consider the five countries featured in the article above that are most likely to be unaffected by pandemics. Although no areas can be completely guaranteed from infection, these places come as close to that guarantee as you can get.

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