Top 5 Best Cities to Visit in the USA

Top 5 Best Cities to Visit in the USA

The USA has many beautiful cities full of life, amazing wonders, and scenic views from border to border. They also spot some of the best restaurants and astounding architectural charms. But then, the destinations are too many to tour in one visit. Here are the top 5 cities that you should visit when traveling around the USA.

  1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas, or Sin City as popularly known, is one of the most exciting places to visit in the USA. The city harbors some of the most luxurious hotels with uniquely illuminated towers and roads. Furthermore, the concrete jungle is a gambling hotspot with astounding casino resorts such as Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, and Bellagio – one of the most famous casinos for poker. Each casino resort covers thousands of square meters with several slot machines. The casinos also contain the best restaurants and bars that you can consider to enjoy delectable meals and signature cocktails. Visitors who prefer table games should opt for touring Golden Nugget. The casino is known to host some of the best blackjack, roulette, and baccarat games.

Note that Las Vegas casinos are many, which means you will find an establishment that suits your style and taste. Besides being home to these top casinos, there are many craziest moments that keep happening in Vegas. For instance, Las Vegas is the city where some of the high-profile boxing matches have taken place. Notable matches that Las Vegas has hosted include Mike Tyson Vs. Evander Holyfield and ‘The Money Fight,’ which was between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Additionally, the city is where you will find The Mob Museum. In this incredible attraction center, you can learn about the infamous Italian-American Mafia and their impact on American society. These are among the few things that make Las Vegas one of the best cities to tour in the USA.

  1. Los Angeles

Popular for its sandy beaches and celebrity culture, Los Angeles is an irresistible city that you should visit. The multidimensional terminus is where you will find the Hollywood walk of fame, which entails brass stars engraved on the city’s sidewalk spanning over 18 blocks. Each star represents an accomplished icon in a different genre. With the new piracy crackdown making it hard to watch some of the best TV shows and movies, it is a great time to check out the exciting Venice beach and enjoy the free-spirited ambiance. Moreover, the beach is flooded with roller skaters, fortune tellers, and boutiques selling high-end designer clothes. But then, if you want to effortlessly shop the world’s renowned labels like Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton, you should visit Rodeo Drive.

Rodeo Drive also has tall palm trees with storefronts whose entrances are usually blocked by luxury cars giving the whole area a scenic view. Those who want to enjoy amazing movies in a whole new world should get tickets to the TCL Chinese Theatre. The venue recently received a facelift that upgraded the interior with new seats and 3D equipment, enhancing the movie experience. So far, the TCL Chinese Theatre is the best place to enjoy blockbuster movies and other exciting shows. Lastly, take a hike at Griffith Park and have a fantastic view of Los Angeles and the city’s skyline. Rodeo Drive is also the best place to have a look at the Hollywood sign.

  1. New York City

New York is a diverse city always flooding with visitors who want to have a taste of the amazing nightlife and exciting city landmarks. Whether you are a local or a traveler, New York has something to intrigue, starting with Central Park. A 693-acre land filled with meadows, gardens, and forest. The man-made scenery contains approximately 21 playgrounds and some of the best monuments and fountains. Visiting Central Park is only one of the ways to enjoy New York. Besides Central Park, New York is home to the Whitney Museum, a tourist attraction site with thousands of indoor galleries. You will also be stunned by the outdoor exhibitions, rooftop bars, and the ground-floor restaurants.

Those who have always wished to understand or get an in-person feel of the 9/11 events should visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. The whole establishment is designed to commemorate the lives that were lost during the fateful day. However, what will excite you the most is the elegant architecture and the sophisticated finish of the museum. Lastly, stop at Times Square and catch Broadway. Marvel at the striking costumes, creative sets, and entertaining songs. Note that all the actions happen under the beaming billboards, which is why it is a show that you should not miss.

  1. Honolulu

Situated on the island of Oahu, Honolulu is one of the few places in the USA with scenic views, picturesque sandy beaches, and beautiful backdrops. The destination is great for outdoor activities such as surfing and snorkeling. As soon as you land in Honolulu, visit Waikiki Beach, once a hotspot for Kings and Queens from different kingdoms. Currently, the beach attracts foreigners and locals from different US states. Surfers will find the swells at Waikiki Beach suitable. It is by far the best place to enjoy your holiday, especially if you want absolute excitement while spending less, unlike the famous playground for the rich where you spend thousands of dollars per night.

Another place you should tour in Honolulu is Chinatown, an oriental district that gives you an authentic glimpse of Chinese culture. Among the places that will thrill you in Chinatown is Maunakea Marketplace. The bazaar contains a wide range of foreign dishes. Don’t be surprised to come across soy-sautéed beef and an assortment of tropical fruits. At the center of Honolulu downtown is Lolani Palace, Kalakaua Dynasty’s ancestral home. The palace fits anyone who wants to view the personal collection of King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani. Additionally, Lolanu Palace harbors military artifacts from different individuals.

  1. St. Louis

Lastly, don’t forget to stop by St. Louis – a city that has everything a traveler or local would want to view. St. Louis is home to vibrant museums such as the St. Louis Art Museum, The Missouri History Museum, and the Saint Louis Science Center, with more than 700 interactive activities and experiences. Note that some of the famous venues at the Saint Louis Science Center will take you up to 40 minutes to view. That makes it the best place to visit if you want to enjoy yourself while learning. Another feature that will capture your attention is the Gateway Arch, a steel monument that was constructed more than 50years ago.

The city is also home to over 1,300-acres of the famous St. Louis Forest Park, which visitors can access for free. Among the things you will find at St. Louis Forest Park is a golf course, a fish hatchery, and a zoo. The park also hosts concerts of different genres, which explains why timing is excellent when planning a visit. Locals will find the park to have some of the best jogging trails. Other free places you can visit at St. Louis City include the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis and the Grant’s Farm.

Those are some of the best cities to visit when traveling around the USA. Each city, for instance, Los Angeles, has a unique aspect that makes it incredible. Others like St. Louis and Honolulu provide you with exciting destinations and activities to try out. All you need to do is figure out what you love doing as a guide to which US city you should visit.