Tom Brady’s Future With Patriots ‘Wait-and-See’ Situation

Tom Brady

It would appear that Tom Brady‘s future with the New England Patriots is a “wait-and-see” type of situation.

According to Mike Reiss of ESPN — who covers the Patriots for the network — Brady’s future with New England continues to be uncertain. Furthermore, there have been no contract talks since August as Brady will enter the offseason as a free agent for the first time in his 20-year career.

“It truly is a wait-and-see type of situation. There’s been no contract talks since August when they reached that revised deal. And Bill Belichick has a saying to his players at this time of the year. He says put it all in the drawer. Nothing else is important other than the football game we’re about to play. So we can say that Tom Brady’s future with the Patriots is in the drawer. And probably at the top of the pile in that drawer.”

As the Patriots enter Wild Card weekend for the first time since the 2009 season,  there has been as much talk about the game as there has been about Brady’s future. That would be because due to the lack of contract talks, Brady’s age and his declining production, the end could very well be near for the six-time Super Bowl champion.

Brady Refuses To Get Nostalgic About Last Possible Home Game

Despite the fact that this could very well be his last home game as a member of the Patriots, the 42-year-old veteran refused to even ponder the subject as he prepares to face the Tennessee Titans on Saturday.

Via Doug Kyed of NESN:

“I haven’t thought about those things and I wouldn’t be thinking about those things anyway,” Brady said. “It’s felt like a normal week for me. I just approach practice like I always have and try to do the best I can do. So, that’s what I’m going to try to do this weekend, as well. …

Brady refused to give into the idea of nostalgia as he aims to win his seventh Super Bowl title with the Patriots.

“I’m not much for nostalgia. I’m just pretty focused on what I need to do. This week’s felt pretty much like every other week of the last 20 years. Just trying to focus on what I need to do and this is a team that gives you a lot of challenges. Just have to go out there and play really well. They’re going to force us to really be tied together, and when we’re not, and when we haven’t been this year, we haven’t looked very good. When we have been tied together, it looks pretty good.”

Could Brady End Up With the Colts?

There has been much speculation about where Brady will end up. If Brady leaves New England, the most popular destination seems to be the Los Angeles Chargers.

However, one NFL team that could prove to a favorite in the running for Brady could be none other than the Indianapolis Colts, as Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd points out.

The fact that the Colts were a playoff team just last season, combined with the fact that they play in a dome could entice Brady to join a team that would jump back into the playoff race under his lead.

This offseason should be an interesting one, indeed.

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