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Tips on How to Get the Perfect Short Hairstyles for Women

After spending too many years smoothing them out and trying to tame them carefully, you’ve had enough. It is high time for you to finally assume your naturally curly hair! But to do this, you still have to find THE hairstyle that will sublimate not only your curls but also your face. With this in mind, you have certainly already had to explore all the possibilities, but did you know that the short hairstyle can also be worn curly? So, of course, it is not easy to take the plunge and say goodbye to its length, but sometimes a radical change does not hurt – quite the contrary! In this article, find out why you should consider short hairstyles and get inspired by30 short hairstyles adopted on curly or frizzy hair unearthed on Pinterest.

What about short on curly or frizzy hair?

Many mistakenly think that curly or frizzy hair and a short hairstyle don’t mix. Yet practical to wear, easy to style, and redefining for your curls – the short has it all! Not to mention that it has been ultra-trendy in recent years: from short bobs to boyish cuts, from curly hair to straight hair, you can see it everywhere so why not on you?

What do you say about the idea of ​​changing your style, sporting a look that is all the more glamorous, and, as a bonus, giving your hair a second life? If you’re tempted, read on – here’s what you need to know before you fall for the short. Discover without further delay what will be the hairstyle that will best highlight your face and suit the nature of your hair.

Which short hairstyle is right for you?

The advantage of the short hairstyle is that it has the art of sublimating all faces. Of course, not everyone wears it the same way – its versatility and adaptability are its strength. It is now totally up to you to choose the version of the short hairstyle that will best match the morphology of your faces and personality!

While elongated faces will prefer to wear the short by reducing the volume on the top in order to rebalance the proportions; round faces will rather opt for a little more length, with wicks coming to frame their contours. Square faces will have to ensure that their forehead is clear; when oval faces can wear the short as they see fit: boyish cut, pixie cut, ball cut, bowl cut, short bob… They’re all allowed!

After the shape of the face, the second criterion to consider before adopting the short is the nature of your hair. If they are thin and curly, the short is for you and a hairstyle like a pixie cut will give them, even more, movement and volume. If your hair is curly and thick, in this case, you had better favor a very short hairstyle like the boyish cut to avoid this “ball” effect which does not value anyone.

Some tips and advice:

With beautiful curly or frizzy hairstyles like women , the best thing to do is already to opt for a hairstyle adapted to the shape of your face and the nature of your hair, but also to adapt to what your curls are seem to need. So don’t skimp on the gradient which will help you evenly balance the volumes and redefine the shape of your curls. In general, avoid too angular cuts which make the look very masculine, on the other hand: on the coloring side, there is no restriction. You can bet as much on a light balayage as on color with daring tones – thanks to the rock and look side of the court, anything goes and what to think of the bangs? Be aware that she is not off-limits with curly or frizzy hair – as many may think. Just make sure that the latter is long and fits the shape of your face.

Finally, don’t forget that your hairdresser is by far your best advisor!

How to style a short haircut on curly or frizzy hair?

The choice of the type of short hairstyle to adopt is essential, but it is still necessary to know how to maintain it after that. Curly or frizzy hair isn’t known to be the easiest to maintain, but going short will already make it easier on you. Then, it’s up to you to keep the vigor and shine of your curls already redefined by the cut. To do this, adopt an adapted routine: always detangle your hair when wet, under the shower for example, so as not to have to break your pretty curls. Use a mild shampoo and a nutritious conditioner, both suited to the nature of your hair. Then let your hair air dry to preserve your natural curls. To help them achieve the desired shape, use a curl perfecting product such as a spray, cream, mousse, oil, or serum. Do not hesitate to curl them one by one with your fingers in order to eliminate the entire frizz. Finally, once a week, make a mask: a pretty curl is a hydrated and deeply nourished curl. Thanks to this new beauty ritual, find curls naturally drawn, structured, and sheathed. Your short hairstyle will only be more beautiful.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the short hairstyle for curly or curly hair, all you have to do is take inspiration from the 30 hairstyles that we have chosen to illustrate this article. It’s a safe bet that they will give you plenty of ideas!