Tips and Tricks to Spruce Up your Gift Packaging

Load it, Gift it, Love it!

To show love to someone, the best practice is gift-giving. It helps to reinforce your connection with the other person. Because the gift is just not something you are handing over to someone, it’s a package full of compassion, love, and your deep emotions that you are sharing with that special one.

The more unique and meaningful the person is for you, the more precious gift you will choose for him. But it is not just the gift you have to put your ultimate focus on; what’s more important is the elegant wrapping of a gift. Hence, to enhance the elegance of your gift, it is crucial to spruce up your gift packaging with creative and aesthetic ideas and designs.

Imagine sending a gift of delicacies to your friend to congratulate her on success. Still, the dull and flimsy packaging created a disaster and mixture of cupcakes and donuts inside the box. To avoid this, use custom cupcake packaging. With the dividers in the box, your cupcakes form and shapes are kept intact. This gives you exciting vibes as per the event and also keeps your product safe. To provide a gift of classy apparel, the selection of luxury apparel boxes should be your first choice. The luxury boxes match the luxurious outfit inside the box.  Their strength and aesthetic appeal are best fitted for packing gift like apparel.

Here, we have summed up the best charismatic and alluring tips and ideas you need on your way to pack your gift. First, learn,

Why is gift packaging as crucial as the gift itself?

Giving a gift is truly a lovely thing, combined with the expressions and the smile you see on the face of the person receiving it, gives you butterflies in your stomach and calms your heart. For the person receiving it, gives him compassionate feelings added up with the wow factor. When he puts the first glance on, he can’t wait to open it; if covered with beautiful wrapping, it gives him such magical feelings and makes him more curious and anticipated to know what he will receive!

Hence, the way you spend hours selecting a perfect gift, it’s necessary to spend some more time giving a creative and pleasant look to the packaging of the gift. Moreover, with the appealing wrapping of gifts, it is a need to keep the gift safe.

For this, you need to choose custom product boxes. These boxes are not only highly customizable with sizes but also ensure complete protection. Their sturdiness also gives a classy outer look.  If you are giving a gift of apparel to someone, use luxury apparel boxes. These boxes with the beautiful design not only add glitter to your dress but also keep it protective. These luxury apparel boxes keep the apparel safe from external damages, including heat and moisture, with die-cut windows.

Gift Wrapping: It’s high time to be innovative!

Here, we are going to enlist the most creative and hear-touching ideas for gift packaging:

  • Sprig Tress

Giving a Christmas gift, with a combination of Sprig tree wrapped in a box, gives thrilling and enjoyable feelings.

  • Soft pom-poms

For wrapping a delicacy, like pies, cupcakes, pastries, use custom cupcake packaging. With the window top, one can glance at the intricacies, and the themed packaging adds to the vibe of the occasion.  But what gives bonus points is to add colourful pom-poms on it for increasing appetite.

  • A-4 Paper and Ribbon

Use colourful papers and ribbons to craft flowers and butterflies and tie them on the single chromatic gift box.

  • Die-cuts
  • Use tuck top auto bottom boxes. With its lid tucked into the bottom of the box, it looks like a complete package. Also, its unique design gives an excellent look to the packaging. As the top is open, it can easily be customizable, combined with durability; they are a high-end choice.
  • Glitters and DIY Crystals

Adding a spice of glitters and crystals will sprinkle more glimmer to the gift. With this, it could be a best practice to use shimmery gift paper.

  • Buttons and Laces

Buttons and laces use is not just a practice for clothes; you can have a creative use of these on your gift boxes too.

  • Ivory Tassels and Clings

Didn’t find any creative idea? Find out the tassels and wearable clings in your house, colour them, craft them and tie them with a coloured ribbon at the corner of the box.

  • Paint Crafts

Need to send a gift to a long-distance friend but worried about its protection? Select tuck top auto bottom boxes of OBT packaging. These boxes are made with sturdy material to retain their shape and keep your product safe. To give an excellent look to these boxes, use stencils and paints to craft something relevant to the gift. Looks awesome!

  • Key Layouts

Didn’t find time for excellent wrapping? No worries, buy a keyring or a festive token with the name, letter, or lovely note written on it and tie it with the colourful e ribbon on the top of the custom product boxes. These boxes can be customized according to your needs, with either a window top to have a sneak peek at the gift inside or a gold border for the royal look.

  • Fresh Flowers

Giving a gift to someone, by adding a touch of fresh flowers, provide a more lovely and fresh feeling. Tie them with a ribbon, and your gift box is ready.

  • Paper Flowers

The timing of fresh flowers is less; they usually die out. In that case, try out a bunch of paper flowers. Cut different printed design papers into different layouts and splurge a beautiful flower on the top of the gift box.

  • Crafted Card

Tying a crafted card with the hand-written note is so lovely. It represents your affection for the person.

  • Lovely Sticky Notes

If you don’t have cards, just take a sticky note, use coloured markers, write something lovely, add a smiley at the bottom with your name, and stick it.

  • Gift Bags

Lastly, but most importantly, you must buy a gift bag matching your gift and gift box theme. It adds more elegancy.

Bottom Line

I hope these ideas have created enthusiasm in you towards a creative gift packaging process. Adopt these ideas and increase the value of your gift by packaging an enchanting look. These boxes by OBT Packaging protect your gift in transportation and retain your gift’s original quality.