J J Rawlings

Throwback photo of President Rawlings donating blood to save a little boy

We might all have some sort of anger boiling in our hearts towards the June 4th revolution that brought untold economic hardships, bad governance and corruption, but one thing is for sure and it is about the leadership of former President Jerry John Rawlings.

Former president Rawlings is loved by many despite his short falls and one thing that everyone can testify about him is his selfless nature. One might want to know more about what led to the June 4th uprising but that is not our focus for now.

J J Rawlings

A photo sighted by Thenewsgod.com shows the former Head of state donating blood at a hospital in Obuasi Adumanu to save a little boy after he was admitted at the hospital of an ailment and he needed blood to survive.

The former president  in the 1980s went to a certain hospital in Obuasi Adumanu and on his rounds to the wards he encountered a situation where a woman needed blood for his little boy admitted at the hospital. Rawlings offered himself to donate blood to the hospital so blood can be given to the little boy.