3 Reasons Why Businesses Fail with Email Marketing

Three Marketing Tools Every Business Needs to Know About

This article will look at three essential tools for marketing your business in today’s digital world. We will also cover how the use of a residential proxy is a common denominator for all of them.

Modern Marketing Tools

Marketing today is vastly different from the billboard and advert era of days gone by. The majority of successful marketing is now carried out through electronic media and is extensively automated. The use of the tools covered here is best facilitated through residential proxies. Let’s find out more about these three tools and how they can work together to enhance your overall marketing strategy. But if this is your first time hearing about proxy service in general, check out Smartproxy for more information.


Jarvee is an application that automates your use of social media apps, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others. It will allow you to schedule many social media tasks, which you would normally do manually, on a large scale. Jarvee enables you to filter the sort of social media accounts you want to target and the frequency of your posts.

Post your promotions, videos, press releases and more, to a broad audience at the press of a button. The degree of automation allows you to reach a much larger target audience than would ever be possible if you were to do this manually. This bot can be programmed to “like” target pages and interact with them, much in the way a human would.

Jarvee is a Windows-based bot and can only function while actively running on its base computer, and it cannot run in the background. To avoid being blocked by the platforms, you should use a residential proxy, which you can set up within Jarvee.

Web Scraping

Web scraping tools such as Scrapebox are instrumental in gaining data from competitors’ and customers’ websites. In principle, scraping is similar to web crawling, the process by which search engines search websites for keywords and content. This process is totally legal, as websites are considered open domains, although some companies may have concerns over copyright infringements.

The significant advantage of scraping is that it is done far quicker and more thoroughly than would be possible by manual means. Once again, the use of proxies is recommended, as some websites do have software to counteract scraping. The vast range of data that can be acquired by web scraping is astounding. Competitors’ client bases, product listings, market activity, and more can all be gathered and analyzed in very little time. The more you know about your competitors and your market, the better placed your business is to maximize its potential.

Mail Merging

Mail merging is not new. Businesses, utility providers, schools, and any other entities that send out a preset document addressed to a mass of different people have been using a form of mail merge for many years. This concept entails the creation of a standard template or document, which is individually addressed to the target individuals or entities.

MS Word has the capability to create mail merging by importing the recipients’ data from either MS Excel or Outlook and inserting it into a standard document. You can also create an automatic email listing to send the completed document to the target audience. With advances in technology, mail merging is heading towards being a much simpler cloud-based service.

Google is already active in this area by combining Google docs with Gmail. It is easy to set a predetermined list of target recipients and send your marketing documents to them with little effort. You can attach documents to the mails with your promotional material and receive a receipt once the mails have been read, for you to follow up.

As we mentioned earlier, the use of proxy service is recommended with all three of these tools. There are many providers that offer proxies at reasonable prices, and some will have access to wandering proxies, i.e., the same proxy address is not repeated. Depending on the nature of your communication, it may be wise to choose a proxy located in the same country or region as your recipient.

Final Thoughts

All of these tools will allow you to take your business’s marketing to a new level. Incorporating all three will empower you to identify your target markets, reach out to them, and accurately analyze the response. Once you have adopted these into your marketing strategy, you’ll wonder how you got along without them.