TheWiSpy Review: Best Android Spying App of 2021

TheWiSpy Review: Best Android Spying App of 2021

You must go through the similar horror as other parents concerned about what your kid does online every day. There are so many cyber threats that target young children, so it’s not bad that you have concerns. However, despite what your kids think, you should use a parental monitoring tool to keep an eye on them. You can use TheWiSpy best android monitoring app, and ensure your children are secure in the internet world.

If you own a business or are a team leader, you must face daily difficulties functioning in the workspace. First, of course, it would be best to offer the complete employee attention to get effective results, or else they cut slack. But you can’t be on each employee’s desk all day, so the better approach to monitoring them is using a spy app. TheWiSpy offers employee spying services that you can use to improve productivity in the office.

TheWiSpy overview:

TheWiSpy is in the spy business for a long time with having thousands of satisfied customers. That’s because apart from the usual spying features, TheWiSpy offers unique and advance spy tools as well. It is an android phone tracking app that offers services for parental monitoring and employee monitoring mainly.

Over time TheWiSpy has improved its functions and now provides unbeatable results. You can get three different price plans in affordable pricing that declares to be unmatchable in the market. You can spy on calls, messages, track GPS location, and use remote features. Apart from quick and effective results, TheWiSpy offers 100% accurate spying results so that you can rely on them.

Distinct benefits:

You might be looking for a reason to make you believe that it is the best free spy apps in 2021. Well, it is your lucky day because, in this article, you can read the most highlighted benefits you can get from TheWiSpy. In addition, there is certain criterion that you can review to compare with other competitive apps. So, here are the top benefits that you’ll get as a user of a spy app.

Quality spying:

No matter how complicated your requirement is, TheWiSpy will provide you quality results. If you want to know where your child is 24/7, then TWS will catch it in seconds. You can track live online activity remotely and get daily reports to ensure your kid is doing okay.

Rich features:

TheWiSpy is blessed with rich features that make such quality outcomes possible. It has advanced features like GPS tracking, call spy, message spy, etc., and it has remote features like deleting files, blocking sites, uninstalling apps, and remote recording. As the spying requirement has upgraded, TheWiSpy has offered enhanced and new features over time.

Affordable plans:

You can get affordable plans in TheWiSpy because it has divided into three packages for the users. Not everyone needs the best spyware apps for smartphones for one purpose. Of course, some require little features, and at the same time, someone wants to spy on the target completely. Nobody wants to spend money on something they won’t use in the future. That’s why TWS has come up with affordable plans so all types of users can get benefits out of it.

No jailbreaking:

TheWiSpy doesn’t require jailbreaking to run on the target phone. You will get the app downloaded on the phone using a link. The app will work instantly after the installation. It is compatible with many android devices, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Easy installing:

The last thing a naïve user wants to get into is complex spyware. There are huge spy app providers that offer exceptional services but with complex functionality. From installing to using the app requires a lot of technical knowledge. But TheWiSpy is different; it offers easy installation with a detailed guide that will help you throughout the process.


As discussed above, TheWiSpy is a robust android spy app that has a user-friendly interface. Everything is listed on the dashboard that you can use without any struggle. You can get real-time location, read text, and monitor social media activities with extraordinary features.

What sets TheWiSpy apart?

TheWiSpy has unique qualities and features that set it apart from other android phone tracking apps. For example, you can enjoy unlimited spying features for $29.99 only. You might think that TheWiSpy offers services at low rates so that it won’t be as reliable as other best spyware apps for smartphones. But I suppose you might be wrong; TWS is unbeatable in providing quality results. Here are some of the reasons mentioned that will clear your perspective about how amazing is TheWiSpy.


TheWiSpy is highly compatible spyware software that runs smoothly on android devices. Unfortunately, most spy apps require rooting to process smoothly on the target phone. That results in system slowdown and other problems. Therefore, you should confirm that the phone you want to spy on runs on an OS of 4.0 and above.

Diverse TheWiSpy plans:Compatibility: TheWiSpy is highly compatible spyware software that runs smoothly on android devices. Unfortunately, most spy apps require rooting to process smoothly on the target phone. That results in system slowdown and other problems. Therefore, you should confirm that the phone you want to spy on runs on an OS of 4.0 and above.  Diverse TheWiSpy plans:

TheWiSpy has three diverse plans that are divided based on features and prices. For example, if you want spy features, you can get a standard plan as it contains everything you need. But if you plan to control your child remotely, then the premium plan is much suitable.

The best part of the best android monitoring app is that you can avail yourself of a high-standard package at the same time called a platinum plan. It has all the remote and updated features. Take a look at the prices so you can make a choice.

1. Standard plan:

  • $29.99
  • $59.99
  • $89.99

2. Premium plan:

  • $39.99
  • $69.99
  • $99.99

3.      Platinum plan:

  • $69.99
  • $119.99
  • $149.99

Unique features:

How can you identify a better app when you’re deciding? The answer is the quality of features it is offering. TheWiSpy is a feature-rich app that has more than 30 functions that help in spying. The outcome is 100% accurate because it is designed based on modern technology. TheWiSpy has no comparison when it comes to the quality of features. You can review some of the highlighted ones below.

Call log spy:

You can spy on call logs through the best free spy apps in 2021, but TheWiSpy offers more than that. You can view the details about the exchanged calls—for example, the duration of the call, number details, caller id, and other things. Simultaneously you have the authority to block contacts. If you feel that your child is in the wrong company, you can block contacts remotely using this feature.

Message spy:

TWS lets you monitor messages sent and received on the mobile phone of your target. You can set alerts on specific contacts or keywords. In addition, you can view the history of chats, delete messages, and read remotely.

Whatsapp spy:

TheWiSpy android phone tracking app has introduced its updated feature, Whatsapp spy, where you can access social media messaging apps. You can read messages and calls exchanged on social platforms. It also allows you to block contacts remotely.

App spy:

The applications available on the target phone can be monitored by TheWiSpy app. For example, social media apps, entertainment apps, and gaming apps are accessible to the user. You can view real-time activity on your dashboard and use remote commands to restrict these apps.

Key log monitoring:

The robust android spy app offers key log monitoring where it stored typed keywords on the target phone. Such as when the user will log in to an account, the key logger will store the information for future use. You won’t have to worry about the updated passwords because they will be automatically stored in the spy app.

Web history monitoring:

It is a very important feature in the parental control app because kids are open to unlimited content on the internet. There are useful things and inappropriate content that can be harmful to them. You never want your child to start getting addicted to adult content at a young age. To prevent such things, you can monitor their browsed history and block harmful sites. It will prevent them from accessing such stuff, and if they do, you’ll get notified.

GPS spy:

I never met a parent who isn’t complaining about their teenagers leaving the house without informing them. It is highly insecure about being alone in this world when you’re vulnerable such as at a young age. People try to harass kids and take advantage of their innocence.

What you need is TheWiSpy GPS spy feature to track their live locations. Then, no matter what time it is, you can open the app and start tracking their location. And minutes, you can find them and rescue them in case of an emergency.


To make your life more sorted, TheWiSpy presents a geofencing feature. It can put geographical restrictions on your child’s phone. So, for example, if you don’t want kids to go to adult places such as clubs or outside their school, you can block that area.

The feature works so that when the kid will cross the boundary or enter the forbidden area, you’ll get an alert. It’s better to get notified instead of waiting around for something bad to happen.

Microphone monitoring:

If your child is in a dangerous situation and you can’t get a hold of them, then you can use this feature. First, it will start recording the surrounding of the phone using the microphone. Then, the recorded audio is sent to the user on the dashboard where they can listen. So you can identify the amount of danger they are surrounded by instead of waiting around.


TheWiSpy is the best phone tracking app and number one choice for many parents and employers around the globe because it offers versatile services. For example, you can spy in stealth mode so that your target won’t know and at the same time do everything on legal and reliable ground.

It is one of the best spyware apps for smartphones that offer high-level features. You will get your desired outcome in few minutes because modern technology is used to design TheWiSpy app. So don’t wait around and get the best spy app for your spying needs,